part 1

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Abused/Rape caution please

"How dare you sleep, without my fucking permission!" fred walked towards me slowly. I am sorry, please forgive me. I was tired please, please one last time, "no! fred shouted" your coming with me "he stated.

He brought me to a dark room, there was only one lamp at a corner. He dragged me to a tiny bed and i knew what will happen but i was not accepting it. I was screaming in my mind" please don't be this, please ".

He threw me roughly leaving an imprint upon my wrist." first, you act like an idiot we really know your not, then you ignore what the rules are " he shouted.

He came closed to me and said" i want you to be a slut for me..... " he whispered into my ear lingering seductively as if he was trying to get me to make the first move, i was about to get rape and he wanted me to please him? I tried to kick him using my leg but no use.

He smirked, pulling me towards him, the scent of alcohol hit me like a ton of bricks "p-please f-fred don't" i squirmed underneath him. He pulled my top up gliding his finger across my chest towards my back and removed the hook of my bra strap, leaving me half naked in front of him. My eyes was blury by crying and i was coughing as i was screaming since start.

I struggled against him but my attempt was futile and i soon realized no one will help me. I sceamed loudly, earning a slap along the way. soon, fred lay on top of me naked while i lay paralyzed waiting as tears seemed to slide down my face like a waterfall.

He kissed me hard crushing my lip, i felt sick as i despised the man. (yuck🤮). He then trust his dick at full speed by ripping my underwear, making sound like he was liking it. "enjoy it sweetie" he spoke seductively, i looked at him in his eyes coldly , he then grabbed my throat caging tightly. I felt like i was dying after some seconds he left me gasping of air. I was screaming as he was breaking my inside vigorously..

He began to suck my breasts, i remained rigid and also broken at my placed." You little slut" fred muttered as he pulled himself out of me leaving me in an enormous torturous pain inside me.

He left me there crying in pain, naked and broken completely. I lay there thinking of it that i was r-raped at the age of 6 years old. It will be my worst nightmare on this day and i blamed all this on my family (father and brothers and also my fucking sister).

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