part 18

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When we reached  the mall , everyone was looking at us mainly my car. I go out in my badass style and  cold expression.
I go to the passenger seat to pick liam and put him down to walk as he wants to look like a big boy.

But i hold his hand and walk slowly as his legs are small. My so called family was following me and i am walking towards the entrance like a boss. I laugh thinking that they are looking like my bodyguards.

We all went inside the hall and sonia started her bitchy behavior as  she started holding father's hand and acting cute. When i am looking at her , i felt like vomiting.  She started asking father to buy this and that. My Father was looking annoyed.

My father was helpless as he went towards the direction sonia was going as  she was still holding his hand. We all follow her even i didn't want to but still . As we enter the Gucci store , the staff all greeted us but they didn't notice that they were greeting me not them.

Sonia started choosing  her fashion clothes and jewellery  like she is paying for all of them not her dad. I shook my head by watching them and went to shop for me and liam. Ace and lucas were following me, Like really lucas is following me . I don't believe it .

I completely ignore them and went to check the new collection.  Without checking the price , i give them to the salegirl who was attending me. I turn to my two brothers watching me curiously.
I choose two sets of suits for Ace and liam according to their styles. They were looking like someone have given them some precious things as they were smiling widely. I told the salegirl to bring those thing according to their sizes.

I ask liam what he want and he started choosing what he want but he choose mainly for me. I bought us two matching bracelets. I already finished buying and  i see my father coming towards me.

Sonia also finish to buy her things but it was in a limited quantity and she was still  acting like she won a lottery.

I ignore her and my father went to pay to the counter . We follow him and he finished setting his bills. He told the staff to tell him the total for my things. I smirk at my father when he told that.

Sorry sir but all the items  ma'am  have bought is free for her." Why is that ,"my father ask him. There was 2 minutes silent and th staff starts speaking ."Because she is the owner of this mall so obviously all the things are free for her , the staff told him sincerely.

All of my family looked shock but i rolled my eyes by their reaction. I gave Ace and lucas  their bags to them. And  I  gave the staff  king's address  and told him  to deliver them.

Sonia was looking at me with her jealousy look's. She looks like she want to kill me. I also give her my cold look's and she look taken aback by my cold aura.

We went to some other expensive stores and i bought things like they are valueless for me. All of them were watching me like they saw a ghost . Sonia and stephany were begging my father to buy them things but my father said no as they exceeded their monthly allowance. 

So they didn't have anything to do and they were all watching me buying limited edition items. Sonia and stephany were looking at the things that i bought greedily.

After the shopping , we  went to eat at the food courts. I eat a chicken burger and i bought the same thing for liam. All of them eat their food and we went home after that .

I went to freshen up and to get ready for my meeting . I choose a bossy outfits and for liam also. He looks like a junior boss but also cute. I kiss his cheeks after he get ready and put his favorite cartoon for him.

I went to get ready and after 30 minutes ,it was 2.30pm . I went downstairs and walked towards the garage and choose a car according my outfits.

I drove towards my office..

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