part 29

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I went to my room to see lucas and liam playing games on his new ipad. I went to the other side of the bed to do my work. I draw a new design for my summer collection  in just 15 minutes and sent it to my assistant.

I have many assistant other than sophia  to manage my work. To lessen the work load from her  and they do their works properly. 

After sometime, lucas wishes us good night and we do the same . He left  and i went to close the door.

I heard my notification ringtone and i went to check my phone. It was killian message .

Killian- Hey babe, i will meet you in 5 minutes just leave your balcony door open.

Eva- ok and i will not tell liam this ,it's a surprise for him.

Killian- ok love you babe.

Eva- love you too.

After 5 minutes, i heard the balcony's door open slightly and i turned to see him there completely in black. He was looking handsome.

On this time , liam was completely involved watching his favorite cartoon.  So he didn't hear any noise. Killian came and hug me and he gave me a peck on my lips .

After this , he released me and went to liam and lay on the bed silently. "So now cartoon is more important than your dad ", killian said to him.

Liam lift his head after hearing this and stay dumbfolded for some time. He immediately hugs his dad excitedly and was crying after seeing him .

"Dad you're really here, i missed you so much" he said emotionally. They were still hugging for 5 minutes and i stood there taking some photos for memories.

"Hey baby how did you spend your times without me" killian asked him lovingly.

"I had so much fun but i still missed you" he said still crying . He just shows so much emotions infront of his family.

'Baby are you sleepy ' ,killian said to liam softly.

"Yes a little but i won't sleep because you will not be here when i wake up" , liam said to him disappointedly.

"Ok only for 30 minutes you will stay awake not more ",killian said to him. And baby i will meet you everyday from now on or i will video call you.

"Hey babe come here", killian said to me while smiling at me. "Now he remembered me ", i thought in my head.

I went on the right side , killian is in the middle and liam is in the left side. We all cuddle together while talking . Liam recounted all of the things killian missed during the weeks. I just put my head on his chest and listening to his heartbeats.

After sometimes liam fell asleep and we both kissed him on his forehead. He is not leaving killian as he holds his hand tightly afraid he will leave him.

I love the way liam accepted him  as his father even if he knows he is not his real dad.

We stayed silent after this and we were in deep thoughts.There was not awkwardness between us.

Killian kissed me on my forehead and told me to sleep as it's already late.

I missed this warm and comfy feeling and i pray to god that our family stay like this happy. After sometime,i didn't even know i fell asleep while hugging killian.

I felt someone kissing me on my forehead and saying i love you. Without guessing, i knew it was killian.

He  left before anyone see him even if it was not a big deal but anyway. I checked the time and it was 3 in the morning and i didn't want to leave the warm bed so i sleep again.

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