part 25

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After liam finished dress up , i went to freshen up. It was 4.30 pm as we have played for 3 hours max . I picked a comfortable outfits and after this i went to the game room with liam.

He decided to play PS5 so i tried to be very lenient while playing

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He decided to play PS5 so i tried to be very lenient while playing. We played carom but mainly teaching him to play. In the first time of teaching him, he understood.

After playing some other game , we walked towards the dining table as it was dinner time and liam was very hungry .

We arrived and went to take our place.
After this , my father was coming and following him all my brothers.

Stephany and sonia came late as they don't know anything apart shopping. " Hey dad watch your wealth well because i can see you will become bankrupt very soon," i said to him truthfully.

"As from now all of your allowance will be cut off and stephany i want my credit card back so give it to me" , my father said to them coldly.

They were literally crying when they heard this but it was no use as father was not taking back his words.

"You will achieve higher as you have listen to me " i said to him arrogantly.

My father shook his head at my words. Stephany gave him the credit card back and i can see their life will become worst.

I was completely enjoying this and then our dinner was served. We started eating but my phone rang at the wrong moment.

I cut the phone but it rang again and my father said to pick it up and put it on speaker. I wanted to argue but decided against it.

I answered the call and guess what it was it was Addy.

"Hello Addy , i said to him in my professional tone.

"Hello Boss , i called you to inform you that there is a big problem here" he replied to me in a panic voice.

"ok parlez en français car vous êtes sur haut-parleur devant ma famille", i said  to him by talking in French language. (Ok talk in French as you are on speaker infront of my family.)

"patron aujourd'hui les envois ont été volés et nous avons attrapé l'informateur. C'est un membre ordinaire qui travaille pour vous" he said to me in a scared tone.
(boss today shipments have been stolen and we have caught the informer. He is an ordinary member who works for you .)

Il savait que quand je suis en colère, tout le monde doit faire face à ma colère.( he knew when i am angry everyone must face my wrath ).

J'inspire et j'expire pour contrôler ma colère devant ma famille.[i breathe in and out to control my anger infront of my family. ]

Ne fais rien à cet enfoiré car je vais le torturer tout seul.[Don't do anything to that motherfucker as i am will torture him by myself], i said to him in my angry tone.

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