part 5

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Eva pov

In the morning, two men came to take me and sophia. We followed quietly and we inside a big hall, there were many teenagers who were beaten by some big men.

I cried to see this, than a big men approached us and looked at us and then asked the men heside us if we were new here.

He told the men to explained to us the rules, the two men grabbed our hand each tightly.
There will definitely be some bruises .

The man started reading the rules;
1.wake up at 4 a. m
2 Reached here at 4.30 a.m
3.asked permission to do something
4.donot talk back what you are told

There will be punishment if you don't follow.

Me and sophia nodded our head, and they told us that our training had started at this moment.

There will be classes to attend like normal children.And when class finished we will come here to train.
  Today I started to learn hand to hand fight. The trainer is very strict and he is the same like that principal.

I attended class but i took the same class as sophia as i was scared to be left alone with strangers. Like imagine a four years was taking a Grade 6 classes.

The men were laughing at me but they did not stop me.


After a few months, i was able to understand the classes and the trainer beat me when i don't understand something.

But time passed, i was able to cope with it.
I got many bruises on my body.

At night i applied ointment on sophia's body and she also.

We also knew that crying was not going to help us.

I was the younger in the entire school as the students age started from 10 but except me.

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