part 3

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I was emotionally, mentally  and physically broken but the tortures and abuses lasted till  one month by my siblings except my father and lucas.

    My faher had not spoken with me, he was giving me cold shoulders and never stopped my siblings to beat me.                    

My younger brother, lucas  always come to apply medicine on my wound after my brothers tortures.

  He couldn't do anything as he was 5 years old. He didn't believe that i had killed mom but he didn't ask me anything.

I didn't even tell anyone because they will not believe me as they believe their another princess (sonia).

At night, she always comes to my room, to threaten me and told me that nobody love me and all.

  My father called me in the living room, there were everyone, he told me to pack my bags, your leaving in the afternoon.

  "Where was she going? " lucas asked my father. But he ignored his question and stared at me like waiting for me to ask.

But i didn't even bother to and went to my room upstairs, limping to  the stairs as my brothers have beaten me there.

  My brothers scowled at me as I left the room, that hurt but i remained expressionless. Lucas looked at me with a worried look.

I was really close to everyone until today. We loved each other so much but they choosed to believe her without letting me explained. They looked at me with nothing but hate.

My father told me that i was going to a boarding school and there are kids liked me there. I was hurt when he told me that.

I was pushed into a  car with all my luggage. The driver was looking with digust at me.

I looked one last time but they didn't bother to say anything, stood there, emotionless. Lucas gave me a sad smile and mounted , bye.

I  sadly smiled back at him.

Sonia gave an evil smile and wave at me. Then everyone went back with her, kyro put a hand on her shoulder while walking back. Lucas stood still watching me leave.

The drive was silent until we got to a big building, it looked scary.
The driver left me there, with my luggage, i don't know what to do. People was looking at me with digust and they were whispering among each other , " another one".

I didn't know the meaning and i walked inside the building, through many turn, i reach the principal office.

I knocked on the door and came a "come in" sound, there was a man sitting on a chair and a girl sat on her lap, she was scared and her eyes were teary.

He was touching her everywhere, he was looking at her with lust. She was very young around 12 years old.

And then the man  looked at me with a angry look and shouted at me "what do you want" with a loud voice.

" I_I  a_am Eva king, my father sent me here", i  stammered while speaking.

"Oh, your father is Antonio king, you are his younger daughter who killed your own mother" , he spoke with a smirk on his face.

He called someone on his phone and within a second there was a knock on the door.

A young man came inside and looked down without even looking up. The man told the boy to show  me towards my room.

The boy nodded and then I looked at the man who was looking at me up and down as if looking in my soul.

He was looking at me with a lustful look.
He then stood up and approached me and lift his hand to introduce himself.

"I am fred Antony, the principal of this school" he said.

I looked at his hand and slowly shake my hand with me. He touched my hand differently and looked at me with lust.

I knew this look as i am mature at young age, my father had explained and showed me everything about this.

I took back my hand from him and step back a few steps away from him and went to the boy to ask if we could go.

He nodded and pick my luggage with him and i also took one bag with me. He showed  me my room and went back.

I knocked at the door and there was a girl a few years older than me. She looked at me and told me to come inside and show me my bed.

"I am sophia storm" , she introduced and " I am eva king" i introduced.

She didn't ask me anything about why i came here and i wouldn't be able to explain to her.

She was looking at me with a worried look and said " you shouldn't came here".

I was surprised as why she was saying this and what about this place.

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