part 19

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Eva pov

This is the first time , i will visit the new office and no one know me except sophia. I stop infront of the building and walk toward the front door but some stupid guards stand in my way.

They have  the courage to stop me and grab my hand . At this time , i only know that  they will not be alive to see tomorrow.

"Leave my hand if you want to live", i said to them in my cold voice. I am really piss right now. They get scared when i talk to them like that and they immediately left my hand. "But , you are not allow to enter here " , one of them talks in a panic voice .

I have all the rights to enter as i am the owner of this company and i am telling you the truth because you want be alive till tomorrow. They look scared and i love to see this expression . I call my bodyguards to deal with them and walk towards the lift as i don't want to deal with another drama.

I pick liam and he hides his face in my neck . I feel his warm breathing and i like when he do that. I press the button directly to my office and when i reach sophia suddenly hugs me but she was careful as she sees liam.

"Hey , how are you ,  i miss you a lot but i miss my baby nephew more" , sophia said in her gentle voice. I miss you too and today,  we will have dinner and spend the times at my place.

Okay enough of this ,lets get some work done . My first meeting will start in five minutes and it's about  investments  in the  the new hotels . They will have to convince me if  it's worth it or not . And i  only agreed if there is profits .  The meeting lasted for 1 hour and i agreed to invest but they will have to give me their 20 percents shares. I will not waste my 50 billions and they agreed after sometimes .

My meetings were as followed,
1. Hotels business
2. Clothing business for the new collections launching.
3. New Jewelleries launching and i personally made it and the theme was on mother-son.

All my meetings end at 5.30 pm and liam was watching cartoons to past time and he also went to roam around the office accompanied by my bodyguards.

My bodyguards told me that he was instructing some people how to do their works. And he also went to the IT building to check their progress. He even commented on the new programs they are making and shown them the right way . Everyone was surprised but they started to listen to his guidance and some even wrote it for later use.

He became the talks in the entire buildings and i am very proud of him. I always thanks god for bringing him in my life when i was broken .

We went to the restaurant to eat our dinner and we directly went to the vip room . We ate our foods and there was some small talks between us .

My father is constantly calling while i am driving to my house but i am not in a mood to listen to him and ruin my happy moments.  So, i block him and put some music while driving.

After some time , we reach home and i go to open the back door  for liam and remove him from his secure seats.

I was greeted by the maids and i nodded and walked towards my room .  I told sophia to meet us in the cinema room after 30 minutes. 

I go to liam's room first and i help him to shower and put a night dress on him. I give him his ipad to play and went to take a shower in my room. I put a comfortable night dress and i go to pick liam and go downstairs.

I find sophia walking towards the cinema room and we all go inside  together. Sophia decided to put a comedy movie and she starts the movie.

I cover us with a blanket and cuddle with liam on the bed while watching the movie. Sophia was laughing a lot and i was laughing at the laugh of sophia.

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