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Telepathic Twins -- Chapter 17

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You're eyes are not decieving you.  Yes, I actually uploaded within a year of the last one and, no, hell did not freeze over.  I would know if it did.

But this is just a boring filler chapter.  And why is it a filler?  Because I enjoy torturing people; just ask my siblings.  No, really, I just wanted one chapter to show their relationship and all that before things start getting serious.  And yes, things are going to start getting more serious pretty soon.

Sorry if the spacing is weird in this chapter; I'm experimenting with the new editor.  The scroll bar is being super annoying, and it's getting on my nerves a little bit.

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Chapter 17

     "It was his fault," Leksi immediately said when they got inside.

     "She was the one who kept me so distracted that I forgot to check the time," Aleks defended.

     "He was the one who turned off his ringer and missed your texts and phone calls," Leksi retorted.

     Their dad, John, raised an eyebrow. "Check your phone," he said to her.

     Leksi held up her hands. "Hey, I've been deprived of any technology for years. I dunno how to use that thing."

     They both scowled at her, and she stifled a laugh. "Well," their dad said, "it seems to me like you're both to blame."

     The twins looked at each other. "It was Aaron's fault," they said simultaneously, looking back at their dad and trying to act sober.

     "Yeah, he just dragged us to his house—"

     "Against our better judgment," Leksi cut in.

     "And kept us there for hours, making us watch scary movies," Aleks finished.

     "It was horrible," Leksi added. Aleks nodded in agreement.

     John just gave them a bleak look. "And they also forced beer down your throats, right? That's why I smelled it on your breath the moment you walked in?"

     Shit. "Okay, so maybe we drank the beer by choice—" Leksi started.

     "But only, like, one bottle—" Aleks said.

     "A small bottle—"

     "Shared between the two of us," Aleks finished.

     Their dad shook his head. "You two have got to stop doing that. It's like I'm talking to a person with two heads."

     "We know," they replied at the same time.

     "I think it gets worse when we drink," Leksi added with a shrug.

     "Not that we drank much," Aleks said, kicking his sister in the shin for her stupid comment.

     John sighed. "Well, I was going to give you two something, but..." He trailed off with a shrug. "It's not something I can give you if you're gonna be staying out all night drinking."

     Anxious, the twins asked, "What?"

     Their dad just stood up off the couch, shaking his head in mock-disappointment. "Oh, nothing. Really."

     "C'mon, Dad," Leksi pleaded.

     "Yeah, at least tell us what it is," Aleks agreed.

     "No, no, you're clearly not mature enough." He took something out of his pocket and twirled it around his finger. A pair of keys on a metal key ring. But those didn't look like the ones to their dad's Audi...

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