Telepathic Twins -- Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

Aleksandra's POV

Damien didn't come the next day. I was majorly conflicted. One side of me was enjoying the break from everything and the other side wanted to just get it over with. The suspense was killing me.

Aleks was 'keeping me company' so to speak, so it was slightly more bearable. I had to keep my facial expression under control when I spoke to him so nobody thought I was going nuts. He let me listen to music from his iPod and some from the radio. I thanked God he wasn't one of those people who liked some of the crap on the radio. People call that annoying stuttering music? Please...

The station he had on now played 80's rock. A song by Mötley Crüe was playing and something flashed in Aleks's mind. He tried to hide it, but I caught on. 'You eavesdropped on my dream?!'

'Sorry! You sing really well, by the way.' Our mental voices were very clear now.

'I can't believe you!'

'I was curious. So, was that a memory?' He was trying to change the subject. Whatever.

'Yeah, I usually dream memories.'

'How long ago was that one from?'

'I was eleven so... 5 years ago.'

'How old is our sister?'

'Kaylee's 6 now. I'm 10 years and 2 months older than her.'

'I wonder if she's weird like we are...' he thought to himself.

I mentally shrugged. I doubted she was. 'What are your friends like?'

'They're cool. Owen and Aaron are the skater type, Julie's a tomboy, and Landon's kind of laid back and just goes along with whatever. I'm sure they'll really like you.'

Ah, his endless enthusiasm. He was confident that he'd be able to get me out of this hellhole. Me, not so much. Obviously I wanted to leave this place, but I wasn't going to get my hopes up and I highly doubted he'd find me. 'We will, just wait.'

We just talked about random shit for a while. He passed the Ohio border a while ago and the connection was getting even clearer. It was kind of like watching regular TV, having it slowly upgrade to HD, and then watching a Blue Ray movie on an LCD TV.

I was actually having a good time until I heard the footsteps. 'Ah, hell, I gotta go.'

'Who is-' I put up the mental shield before Aleks could continue.

Damien had a wide, shit eating grin as he walked up to my cell. "Why, hello, Demon. Long time no see. How have you been?"

His grin got impossibly wider. "I've been doing quite well, thank you. Especially since I've been thinking."

"Did you hurt yourself?"

He looked at me with narrowed eyes but the creepy smile never left his face. "I'm going to ignore that. Tell me, do you know how many tests we've conducted on you?"

"No idea."

"492. We've tested your blood. We've tested your pain tolerance. We've tested your digestive system. We've tested your brain cells. We've tested your immune system. We've tested your skin cells. We've tested your teeth and gums. We've tested your hair and nails. We've tested your eyesight. We've tested your hearing. We've tested your healing capability. We've tested damn near everything. And you're still sane. Why is that?"

"My current main goal in life is to never become as insane as SOME people." I coughed, "Damien."

"You've even maintained the same personality that you had when you first came here. Incredible, really. However, there's one thing that we haven't tested. Can you guess what that is?" I swear, his cheekbones looked like they were about to snap from how wide he was smiling.

I thought about it for a moment. No, they pretty much turned me inside out.

"Your reproductive system," Damien answered in a low, crazy, lethal voice. Every cell in my body froze. They wouldn't... Oh, what the fuck am I talking about; of course they would. Damien laughed at my obvious panic. "Oh, I knew this would do it. This will be what finally breaks you. Someone will get you pregnant, probably with something from a sperm bank, and we'll see how you fare then. And when the child is born, who knows what'll happen. It will most likely be studied just as you are."

My eyes were wide and my heart was thudding so hard it was a wonder that my ribs were still intact. He laughed again; that horrible, bone chilling laugh. "You're the first person I've told so far. I can't wait to tell Grayson my plans. He'll agree with me, I'm sure. Oh, and Brenden." With that, he left.

Oh, my God, they were going to get me pregnant. They were going to make me have a baby. A baby that would probably end up just like me. I wasn't going to let that happen; I couldn't. There was nothing in here I could use to prevent it, and I couldn't fight them off. There wasn't anything I could do. I felt hopeless.

An idea came to me. It would kill Aleks, but I had to do something. I took down the mental shield just long enough to say a few words. 'Stop looking for me. I'm sorry.' His rage and confusion were obvious, even with the shield up. He was desperately trying to break through it, but I wasn't giving in. I looked at my nails. They were slightly long since I hadn't cut them in two days.

I bit both of my index finger nails into two sharp points. My left finger I used to make two deep scratches vertically down my right arm. The same was done to the other arm. Blood spurted out, so I probably hit a vein. Good. They started healing themselves, so I put two more cuts in each arm. It seeped down my elbows, soaking my jeans and t-shirt. Not that I gave a shit.

I never thought that I'd ever commit suicide. Even when things got really bad, I'd never even considered it. Now, I didn't really want to die, but I would if it meant sparing an innocent child all of this. Every time the cuts healed, I drew more blood from myself. Eventually, they stopped healing. My body felt very cold and growing colder. I heard something going on, but it seemed very far away. It there was a God out there, I hoped he would hear my prayers and not let anyone save me.

My body no longer had any strength to keep upright on my knees. Collapsing to the floor, I tried to let go. Something kept pulling me back. I didn't know what it was, and I didn't care. I closed my eyes, and everything went black.



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