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Telepathic Twins -- Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

                "What have you been doing all day?" Aleks asked curiously as they walked to the library.

                Leksi shrugged.  "Got bored, played video games for a while, searched for music on your computer, got bored again, cut my hair, got bored yet again, went out to explore a bit, then you told me to come meet you guys.  Call of Duty can only entertain someone for so long, you know."

                "You got bored of playing Call of Duty?!  That's it, I'm disowning you."  They laughed briefly, and then Aleks grew serious.  "So when are you going to tell me about who--or what--else was in that...place?" he asked, forcing the last word through his teeth.

                She sighed.  "See, this is why I was reluctant to tell you.  I really don't know much about what else went on in there.  They tried to be careful not to tell us anything just in case we all planned an escape or something," she said, rolling her eyes.  "But I heard some people talking occasionally."

                As they walked, it started to get more crowded, so Leksi switched to telepathy.

                'There was this one guy who could breathe under water.'

                Aleks kept his expression neutral so people wouldn't think he was nuts, but Leksi felt his shock.

                'Yeah.  Crazy, huh?  Another person--I'm pretty sure it was a girl--could absorb electricity or something.  She was one of the really dangerous ones 'cause apparently, once she did absorb it, she became a moving power outlet.  Anything she touched got zapped.  And I don't mean just a little shocked--I mean fried.'

                'How did you find out about that?  I mean, wouldn't they be extra careful not to mention anything about her around you?' Aleks asked.  That was some crazy shit.

                'Brenden and I had a way of discreetly telling each other things, plus I was able to hear things through the walls and stuff.  He walked by the cell wearing a weird rubber suit and I got curious.'

                'So you're serious about coming with me to kick their asses?' he asked, referring to the so-called "scientists".

                'Aleks, I would have gone regardless.  I'm not gonna let them get away with that, and I have a serious score to settle with Damien.  But that's assuming we'll be able to find the place.  If we go back to that building in Ohio where they held me, I'm ninety-nine point ninety-eight percent positive that there'll be nothing there 'sides an abandoned building.'

                'Unless they assumed that you'd go back, and they have someone waiting for you,' Aleks thought.

                Leksi pointed out, 'If there is someone waiting, they're hiding with a tranquilizer gun, not standing somewhere obvious.  They aren't stupid, Aleks, and they're not gonna underestimate me.'

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