Telepathic Twins -- Chapter 14

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Here's the next chapter! I felt bad about putting it on hold so I made this one more than 11 full pages on word (not including the author's notes). I know to most people that's nothing, but that's about three pages more than my usual so it's a lot for me.

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Chapter 14

Aleksandra's POV

Aleks finally admitted that I was faster, and we were now seeing which one of us was stronger. By seeing who could do the most push-ups. We've been doing this for the past twenty-five minutes, and it was seriously killing my arms.

'726, 727, 728,' Aleks mentally chanted. It was late and Dad was sleeping across the hallway, so we couldn't make any noise.

'My arms are burning,' I complained, panting as quietly as I could.

He laughed aloud, only slightly out of breath. 'Aw, quit being such a baby! 732, 733 . . .'

'Dude, you win,' I said, giving up and rolling onto my back. My arms felt like jelly and flopped uselessly to my sides.

He laughed again and thought to me, 'Wait, lemme make it an even 750.'

"Show off," I muttered.

Unlike my lazy ass that was still lying on the floor, he did a few more then went to get some water bottles from the fridge all the way in the kitchen. By the time he got back, I was sitting in one of his bean bag chairs, flipping through the latest issue of 'Car and Driver' that I found on his night table.

He was holding two unopened bottles and handed one to me. Just as I was about to grab it, he pulled it back with a smirk on his face. 'What are the magic words?' he taunted.

'Please can I have some water?'

'Nope,' he thought, popping the 'p'.

'Thank you?' He shook his head. 'C'mon, Aleks.'

'Just admit that I'm stronger than you.'

I groaned out loud, staring at that water bottle that had tiny droplets of water coating it. 'Fine. You are stronger than me. Happy?'

He smiled with satisfaction and gave me the water. 'Very.'

We both opened the bottle at the same exact time, then we gave each other a look, making it an unspoken contest of who can finish their bottle first. I put the bottle to my mouth, tipped it completely upside-down, and started guzzling it as fast as I could before looking out of the corner of my eye to see Aleks doing the same.

'I won!' we both thought to each other simultaneously as we tossed the empty, crushed bottles in the garbage. Then we glared at each other.

In the past week since I've been here, everything with us has been a contest from getting the most points on Guitar Hero, to taking the fastest shower. Aleks's friends, who I was slowly beginning to think of as my friends, found it very amusing. 'Rematch later?' I asked.

'Oh, you bet.'

'Good.' I noticed something bright blue sticking out from under his bed, and I reached over to pull it out. Then, I clapped a hand over my mouth and laughed hysterically. 'Please tell me this isn't yours.'

He looked away from the DVD case and his eyes widened when he saw the blue bra I was holding. 'Of course that's not mine!' he said indignantly.

'You never told me you had a girlfriend, so excuse me.'

'She's not, err, she wasn't my girlfriend.'

My eyebrows rose. 'So you're a player, huh? I didn't really get that vibe from you.'

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