Telepathic Twins -- Chapter 8

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Chapter 8

Aleksander's POV

'Stop looking for me. I'm sorry.'

WHAT?!?! Why would she say that?! I could feel how close we were. It was like static electricity in the air that crackled as I got closer to her. What did she mean she was sorry?

My dad and I were in a dangerous part of some city. The whole ride after we got to Ohio I was telling my dad to turn right or left and this was where we ended up. All of the buildings were run down and the people who were walking around either homeless or armed, sometimes both.

I tried desperately to break through the fucking mental building she built. Someone must have been doing something to her. Her anxiety was obvious when she heard those footsteps; a mixture of worry, relief, and determination. Oh, god, if they were doing something to her-

All of the sudden, the mental connection started to get weaker. It wasn't like she was getting farther away, more like it was disappearing altogether. What the fuck was going on?!

The static was still in the air so I told Dad to step on it. He must have heard the panic in my voice, because he listened without hesitation. We got closer to a building and I could clearly sense she was inside. "That building," I said, and pointed to it. It was made of red bricks that you could barely see with all of the graffiti. "We have to hurry, Dad."

"You're sure she's in there?" I nodded. Shit, I couldn't even feel emotions from Leksi anymore. "What does the cell she's in look like?"

"There's one brick wall where the toilet is, the other three are steel, and the one opposite of the brick wall has a steel door built in."

He nodded, deep in thought. "The brick wall is probably one of the outside walls. Can you walk around it and see which one she's on the other side of?"

"Yeah, I think so."

Dad parked a few blocks away from the building and I jumped out of the car before he even shut the engine. I heard him calling after me, but I kept running as fast as I could. Maybe I could break through the wall or something; the building didn't look at all sturdy. But if I could break through it then Leksi could've a long time ago. Nah, they probably kept her weak so she couldn't try something like that.

My heart was thumping in my chest as I got closer. Rather than getting better, the connection was getting worse. Something was happening to her.

I got to the wall where I could sense she was. They stupidly had a building right next to theirs, and there was a narrow alley in between. Leksi was on a higher floor, so I climbed up the fire escape on the other building. When I got about 4 stories up, I knew she was there.

I hopped up onto the railing and jumped, ramming my shoulder into the wall where I could feel Leksi. It created a huge dent, but not enough for me to get through. I fell down and landed on the balls of my feet. My shoulder and legs hurt like hell, but they healed as I climbed back up the fire escape.

The connection was getting even weaker. NO! There was no way I was gonna lose her when I was this close. I got back on the railing, and jumped again, with more strength than before. This time, it didn't break, but it did create a hole. One more time, I climbed up as fast as I could, got on the railing, and jumped.

'YES!!' I mentally screamed when I broke through and landed in her cell. That victorious feeling was gone as I took in the scene.

Leksi was lying on the floor in a pool of blood that was still coming out of her wrists. My brain couldn't comprehend it, but my body apparently knew what to do. I stripped off my shirt and tore it into two pieces. As my skin touched hers to tie them around her wrists, I felt recognition. There was no doubt that she was my twin sister.

Her wrists stopped bleeding once they were wrapped up. I picked her up bridal style and prepared to jump to the ground. Right before I jumped, the cell door opened.

-- I was gonna stop it there, but that felt too mean. --

I recognized the guy as Brenden. Leksi didn't block me out when they talked occasionally. His eyes widened for a moment when he saw me, but then he just barely nodded, mouthed 'hurry', and left. Again, my brain didn't comprehend it, but my body jumped. Brenden was telling everyone that she was escaping, but Leksi had told me his situation, so I understood.

Running as fast as I could to the car, I prayed that Dad had it started. He was sitting in the driver's seat with a very pissed off expression. It changed to shock and concern when he saw me with Leksi. "You shouldn't have left like that. That was stupid beyond words," he said as I opened the back seat and got in with her.

"Lecture me later; just drive now." I laid Leksi down on the seat and checked the pulse in her neck. It was weak, but slowly getting stronger. She'd be alright.

Dad immediately floored it. "You could've gotten caught, what were you- Good God, what happened to her?" he asked, noticing the slightly bluish pallor of her skin in the rear view mirror.

"I'm not sure, but I think she tried to kill herself." Now that she was out of harm's way and the mental connection was getting stronger again, I was able to get a good look at her.

Her hair was a mess, her clothes were baggy, and her skin looked way too pale, but it was still obvious that she was pretty. Her eyes were closed and framed with thick lashes, high cheekbones, straight nose, full lips, and clear skin. Damn if I was gonna let any guy touch her, though.

She'll probably want her room painted red, I thought stupidly. My mind was being slow or something. Everything felt surreal. Aleksandra, my twin sister who I didn't know I had until about a week ago, who has been tortured and studied for years after living with our horrible mother, was in the back seat of our car, coming home with us.

Holy shit.


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