Telepathic Twins -- Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

Aleksandra's POV

The next few days we spent getting to know each other and he let me listen to music that I've missed out on in the past four years. After he fell asleep, I was lying awake, remembering the beat of one particular song that I liked. He told me it was called 'Paralyzer' by Finger Eleven.

I couldn't believe I'd almost forgotten how much I enjoyed listening to music. My mother always had wanted quiet, so I could only listen from the computer with headphones on. Rock was my favorite genre, but some other songs that Aleks let me listen to were good.

I used to love to sing, too. Everyone except my mother always told me I had a nice voice. My little sister, Mikayla, used to fall asleep to me singing lullabies to her. She was 10 years younger than me, so she had just turned 6 recently. The thought of her living alone with our mother made me sad. I always stood up for her and took care of her; I didn't even want to imagine what our mother did to shut her up when she cried.

Ouch, my stomach. They still hadn't fed me and, just when I thought I'd surely die from it, Brenden came in the cell with a bowl of cereal and a change of clothes. "Here; they've conducted enough tests." He wouldn't look me in the eye.

I knew what that meant. That meant he knew what the next experiment was going to be. I carefully sat up with my back against the wall. My body barely had enough strength to support me and every movement made the pain worse. He handed me the cereal - cocoa krispies, yum - and I took a bite.

At first, my stomach clenched painfully against the nourishment I so badly needed, but then it growled and I shoved the food down my throat. The relief I felt was indescribable. After suffering an increasing hunger for two months, my body finally relaxed slightly. I still felt some pain, but it was nothing compared to before.

When I almost finished the bowl, Brenden explained, "We have to wait a while for that to digest before we give you any more food." He tried to keep his voice emotionless, but I heard the worry in it.

"Spill," I told him. "What's next?"

He sighed and slid down next to me on the wall. "They haven't decided yet. What they're suggesting right now is... terrible, to say the least. That's not the worst part, though." I didn't want to stop eating, so I just raised my eyebrows in question. "Damien said yesterday that he had a good idea. He's not coming in today, but I can guarantee that his suggestion will be horrendous."

My body froze for a minute before I forced myself to swallow the bite that I had in my mouth. Damien's life goal ever since I came here has been to break me. He was amazed at the fact that I wasn't a depressed, lifeless dummy yet. Whatever he had planned was going to be extremely hard to overcome.

Rather than breaking apart little by little, I grew stronger and stronger after each test. That drove Damien more insane than anything else. And the stronger I got, the more determined he was to crush me. Being able to speak to Aleks was hopefully going to help keep me sane.

"I'll get through it," I assured Brenden.

"I sure as hell hope so," he said, taking my empty bowl and leaving.

I sat there on the floor while my hunger slowly disappeared. Once I could move almost painlessly, I stood up and stretched my limbs. My back cracked several times when I arched it and it felt great.

They gave me the usual clothes; a really big t-shirt, jeans, and panties. I turned to the wall and took off my shirt and put the clean one on. It was long enough to cover my ass, so I changed my pants without worrying about flashing anything.

What could they do to me that hasn't already been done? I asked that question every time, and they always thought of something new.

To distract myself, I thought about that song again, singing the lyrics in my head. 'I'm not paralyzed but I seem to be struck by you...' Would I ever meet Aleks? I knew he wanted to get me out of here, but even I had no idea where I was. It was probably stupid to wish for that; kinda like holding a bone in front of a dog and keeping it out of reach. My thoughts grew weary as sleep snuck up on me.


'Wake up, wake up, wake up!' Aleks said in my head. His mental voice sounded stronger and more excited than usual.

'What? And how come I can hear you so well?'

'I'm driving to Ohio.'

'Huh?' My mind was still half asleep.

'My dad's driving me to Ohio to see if we can find you. The closer I get to you, the stronger the connection gets. I might be able to find you like this!"

'Great. Good luck with that. I'm going back to sleep.' I doubted it would work. It seemed like that was too easy.

'I know it seems like that, but I gotta try. Go ahead and sleep, just don't put your shield up.'

'Fine. Good night or morning or whatever.'

I could barely sleep through the agony while I was hungry, so now I felt like I could sleep for a week straight. With that thought, I fell asleep.

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