Telepathic Twins -- Chapter 9

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Chapter 9

Aleksandra's POV

I gradually eased into consciousness, strangely comfortable. Without opening my eyes, I felt around me, trying to figure out where the hell I was. I was wearing a big t-shirt and shorts. My head was lying on a pillow and I was covered with a blanket. Wait, what? This wasn't the cell.

Suddenly, everything came back to me. Damien's horrible plans for me and trying to kill myself. What happened after that? Was I in a hospital or something? Cautiously, I opened my eyes.

The room I was in was simple and plain; white walls, beige carpet, and barely any furniture. My mental shield was still up, so I took it down and asked, 'Aleks?'

'Finally, you're awake.' He was relieved, I could tell.

'Yeah, what happened?'

'You're in the guest room at my house.'

My mind froze. 'What?' I asked slowly.

'We got you out of that place. You're staying with me and my-our dad now.'

I was having trouble understanding it. 'Huh?'

He mentally laughed. 'I'll explain when I get back. School's almost over.'

When I looked through his eyes, I could see the teacher at the front of the classroom talking about something nobody was paying attention to. 'What class are you in?'

'History. Mr. Newman's an ass.'

Just then, he looked at Aleks and said, "Aleksander, are you paying attention?"

"Of course, sir."

"Really? Briefly explain communism."

Aleks was stumped. 'You suck at school, you know that? Communism is an economic and political system in which the state owns the means of production and a single party rules.'

He repeated it to the teacher word for word. I had gotten that from a history book in seventh grade, but still, he could have picked his own words! 'Love ya, sis,' he said when he was done.

Mr. Newman looked shocked, and then grunted and went on explaining something about Russian politics.

When he turned around for a second, someone next to Aleks nudged his elbow. He looked over and there was a guy that had brown emo styled hair, but looked more like the skater type, giving him a confused expression. 'That's Aaron,' he told me. He just shrugged at Aaron.

Aaron gave him a weird look, but didn't push it. When the bell rang, he and Aaron got out of the classroom and went toward the lockers. 'I'll, uh, introduce Julie, Landon, and Owen right now. I guess I'll introduce you to them later.' He said out loud, "Hey, Aaron, can you come over to my house later? There's someone I want everyone to meet."

He shrugged, "Sure."

Aleks walked to a locker where two guys and a girl were standing. One of the guys had black hair that was styled so it stood up, but not too high or spiky, and darkish green eyes. The other guy had black hair that was messy and long enough to reach his shoulders and hazel eyes. The girl had light reddish brown hair and light blue gray eyes. Her hair was pulled back in a ponytail and her clothes were baggy, but she had pretty features and a slim body.

"About time!" the girl exclaimed.

'The girl is Julie, the guy with the green eyes is Landon, and the guy with the long hair is Owen.' He told them, "Sorry."

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