Telepathic Twins -- Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

Aleksander's POV

She blocked me out again. Shit, I wish I knew what was going on with her. The party was going on in the basement and it was pretty much soundproofed from the rest of the house, so it was pretty quiet up here.

My dad was looking at me in shock. "What, dad?"

He seemed to shake himself. "You can read minds?"

"Only hers. Do you have any idea where she is?"

"Can't you tell?"

"No, just that she's in a cell and in extreme pain and starving."

"Ask her where, then."

"She cut herself off from the connection. Something just happened but I have no idea what. It's something about a cart."

Rubbing his eyes with his forefinger and thumb, he sighed. "I'm not sure why you can hear each other's thoughts."

"Why didn't you ever tell me?"

"Because you would have gone looking for her." He explained at my 'duh' look, "Her- your -mother is a horrible woman. She's completely heartless and borderline psychopathic. However, she was beautiful, and I made a mistake and slept with her. Well, it wasn't a total mistake since I got you out of it, but back to the point.

"A month later, I got a call. She told me she was pregnant and getting an abortion. I had to pay her not to kill you both. Quite a lot of money, too, and even more when she found out she was having twins. The agreement had been that I would take you both with me when you were born.

"At the hospital, right after she had you both, she told me that she needed someone to help out around the house and that she was keeping your sister. I never intended to abandon Aleksandra, but she left me no choice."

"Like an object she paid for?" I asked incredulously. What kind of a mother could do that to her child?

"She is a sick, cruel woman and I didn't want you to look for your sister and run into her. Is she with her mother now?"

"I don't know. She won't tell me where she is; I'm not even sure if she knows."

He sighed and took out his cell phone. After he dialed, he put the phone to his ear and waited for a few seconds. "Yes, I'd like to search for someone... Delaware, last time I checked... DeAnna Shea... Yes, thank you."

"DeAnna Shea?" I asked.

'Your mother,' he mouthed back to me. "Yes, DeAnna, lovely speaking to you again... I called to ask about Aleksandra... Because she's my daughter as well... Where is she?" He tensed. "You're lying... Then let me speak with her... Bullshit... Bye." He hung up.

"She wouldn't let me speak with her."

"I'll ask her what the hell is going on when she lets me back in."


5 Hours Later

The party just finished and everyone was glad to see that I was okay. Yeah, right. They just didn't want anything bad to happen 'cause that might mean I wouldn't throw any more parties. None of them were really my friends except for Landon, Aaron, Owen, and Julie. Julie was a tomboy and we kind of saw her like a little sister.

Everyone left and I went to my room. Leksi was still blocking me out. I tried to push it really hard and it kinda hurt, but it worked.

'Ow, ow! You're giving me a headache, cut that out! Damn it, why'd you wake me up?'

'You were sleeping? You're kidding me.'

'Nope. Seriously, what do you want?' The pain she was feeling had gotten worse, I could tell. 'Ignore that.'

'Why aren't you eating anything?'

'There's no mirror here; you think they have a kitchen?'

'Where are you? My dad called your mom and she wouldn't let him talk to you.'

'My mom's not here. If she was, then it would be real torture.'


'Never mind. What the hell do you want? I wanna go back to sleep.'

'What do you mean what do I want? I just found out I had a twin; can you blame me for being curious?'

'What are you curious about?'

'Explain what's going on with you.'

She groaned. 'Okay, fine. My mom sold me to these assholes that do experiments because I'm so fucking weird. Happy now?'

Holy. Shit. 'That's not funny.' She was joking, right?

'Gee, I thought it was hilarious.'

'You're serious?'


'What kind of experiments?' Oh, god, I was gonna be sick. I find out I have a sister and it just so happens she's being practically tortured.

'Uh, there's no 'practically' about it. Right now, they're seeing how long I can go without food or water.'

'Do you have weird strength, too?'

'Yeah. And endurance, healing ability, speed...'

'So I guess we have that in common. Listen, I'm gonna get you out of there.'

'I don't even know what country I'm in; good luck with that. Oh, wait a sec.' "Brenden!" she said out loud. Her voice sounded terrible.

A guy in about his early thirties came to the cell. "Yeah?"

"What state is this? Or can't you tell me?"

He shrugged. "It's not like you can contact anyone, I guess."

"Darn, I wanted to call my mom to tell her to pick me up."

The guy rolled his eyes and said, "We're in Ohio."

"Oh. Thanks, dude."

"No problem." He looked at her with anguished eyes and walked away.

'Well, there's your answer; somewhere in Ohio.'

'Who was that guy?'

'Brendan. He's doesn't like seeing me here but he's being forced not to tell anyone about me.'

'How long have you been in there?'

'4 years,' she replied hesitantly.

'And you're still sane?!' Four years of that? I'd have lost my fucking mind.

'I'm not sure. You could still just be a voice in my head or whatever. After all, crazy people don't usually question if they're crazy.' I mentally rolled my eyes at her. 'Dude, I'm bored. Entertain me.'

'With what?'

'I dunno. What kinda music do you listen to?'

'Hold up.' I went to get my iPod off my desk and looked through it. 'Tell me if you like this.' I put the buds in my ears and played 'Let it Rock' by Kevin Rudolf. It was kinda old but she's probably never heard it.

'I like it; it's pretty cool.'

When that song finished, I put on 'Falling Down' by Rev Theory. 'This one's kinda heavy.'

We spent all night like that; just listening to music and talking. I could still feel the agony through her, and I wished so badly that I could help her. She taught me how to shield my thoughts from her, and we went to sleep.

'I'll get you out of there, Leksi.'

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