Telepathic Twins -- Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

Aleksander's POV

"Leksi?!" I called as I walked through the front door. No answer. "Leks?" Nothing. I said to her mentally, 'Where the hell are you?'

'Hold on a sec,' she replied, sounding distracted.

What the fuck was she doing? A few moments later, my phone rang. The caller ID said 'Leksi', and I answered it, wondering why the hell she would even bother calling. "Where are you?" I asked.

"I'm playing basketball at the park."

"Which park?" I seriously hoped it wasn't the one I thought it was . . .

"The one a couple of miles down the street."

Oh, shit. "Come home, now," I told her sternly.


"Because the guys that hang out there are not people you want to run into."

"You mean Caleb and his friends?"

"You met them?!"

"Calm down, would ya? They were playing basketball and they asked me if I wanted to play."

"I'm coming over there."

"Okay, fine."

I hung up without saying bye and rushed out the door. Caleb and his 'friends' were more like a gang. They usually didn't let anyone near the park or the basketball court. It was weird that they invited Leksi, but I didn't wanna take chances. I forced myself to run at a normal pace since, unfortunately, it was still mid-afternoon and there were people walking around.

Once I finally got there, I froze. They looked like a bunch of happy, normal teenagers, laughing while they tried to get the ball from one of the girls; I think her name was Destiny. "Des, pass it!" Leksi yelled. Des? I didn't know any of them too well, but it was well known at school that she did not like people using her nicknames.

Surprisingly, she didn't say anything about it and just passed the ball. Leksi caught it easily and dribbled it while she ran the rest of the way to their hoop. Once she was a few feet away, she threw it, and it landed perfectly. The three guys, Caleb, Kevin, and Jackson groaned. "Swish, baby!" the other girl, Avery, said enthusiastically as she high-fived Destiny.

Leksi finally noticed me and said, "Hey, Aleks."

Everyone else looked to where I was with their usual scowls back on their faces. "You know this idiot?" Caleb asked bluntly.

She punched him on the arm. "That 'idiot' is my brother."

"Oh. Sorry," he apologized, actually looking genuinely sorry.

Caleb Rhodes is apologizing? This was way too weird. "Don't worry about it. Come on, Leksi, we gotta go. Dad's gonna be home soon."

"'K. Bye, guys," she said, tossing the ball to Kevin.

They all said 'bye' and I waited until we rounded a corner before asking, "What the hell did you guys smoke?"

She laughed, "What are you talking about?"

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