Telepathic Twins -- Chapter 11 (part 2)

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"You and I, bro, are going to get along fantastically."

Aleksandra's POV

"I saw it first!" Aleks half yelled at me, tugging the guitar from Guitar Hero away from me.

"Only because I suggested we look here!" I retorted, pulling it back.

"You can play when we get home!" He told me he had Guitar Hero, but only the first two.

"I don't want to!"

"Do something you're good at; like singing," he said, tossing me the microphone.

"Not in public." I tossed it back and grabbed the guitar again.

We were all at GameStop, testing new games. The other guitar was broken, so there was only one to play with. Landon's rich ass already had the whole set, so he just leaned back against the wall, watching us in amusement. Julie and Owen were waiting to try the new Call of Duty game, and Aaron was playing the drums.

"Just sing one song, then I'll give you the guitar," he compromised, tossing the microphone back.

As embarrassed as I was, I really wanted to try the guitar. Besides, no one will be watching me, criticizing my singing. I grumbled, "Fine. But I get to choose the song."

"No w-!"

Aaron cut him off. "I'll pick the damn song!" By his voice, you could tell he was amused and slightly annoyed. He ended up picking 'Misery Business' by Paramore, which was good since I was a huge fan of that band and I knew all of the words.

As I was singing, I was dimly aware of a few people staring. I knew my voice sounded nothing like Hayley Williams's, but I hoped it didn't sound too bad. When the song was over, I immediately said, "My turn," and held my hand out for the guitar. Then I noticed almost everyone in the store was staring at me.

"What?" I asked self-consciously, my cheeks heating up. Everyone went back to whatever they were doing and offered me compliments. "Well that was weird."

Aleks rolled his eyes and handed me the guitar. He thought to me, 'Do you not think that you sing amazingly?'

I thought back to him without missing a note on the game, but I was only on medium. 'I enjoy singing. People have told me I sing well, but I don't really think I'm that good.' I could tell he found that hard to believe, but he dropped it.

The rest of the shopping trip was fun. I kept worrying about spending too much and Aleks reassured me that they had money to spare. They weren't rich, but our dad made a fairly large amount of money and since it was just Aleks and him, there was plenty left over. Still, I felt bad. I mean, I knew they were my family, but I had just met them. I almost ripped Aleks's head off when he insisted on buying me a $300 phone. He thought my reaction was funny; go figure.

I knew how to shop, though. My mom had always given me a small allowance, so I knew where to look for good deals. I got, like, 15 outfits with less than two hundred dollars, including underwear and other stuff that I'd rather not mention.

'Seriously, two bags from Victoria's Secret? Too much information,' Aleks thought to me.

He raised his eyebrows and I simply said, "They were having a sale."

I wasn't the type of girl who really enjoyed shopping, though; that much was obvious.

Overall, the trip was fun. Julie and Landon somehow convinced Owen to try on pink pants (not pale pink ones that guys sometimes wore, these were girly, hot pink) and everyone took pictures with their camera phones. I was laughing and enjoying myself.

We also went to a hardware store to buy paint for my room. I got a big can of black paint, and several cheap little cans of random colors. Aleks looked at me questioningly, but I just smiled reassuringly.

He kept shooting glares at guys who were giving me looks. It pissed him off, but there was nothing I could do about it. Well, maybe not wearing pants that hugged my ass like a second skin would be smart, but that wasn't my fault. I also noticed girls giving me and Julie envious glares. The reason why was pretty obvious. Aaron, Landon, Owen, and Aleks were all good looking.

I was appreciative as I took in everything. Not seeing anything but those dull, gray walls for so long made me realize how truly lucky I was. It's true that you don't know what you have until you lose it. Imagine not seeing the sky or the sun for four years, let alone your cell phone or television.

When it started getting late, we headed home. It was getting easier to refer to Aleks's house as 'home'. The bike was locked to a bike rack outside since they didn't allow them in the mall. We rode back after Aleks took half of the bags, making sure I kept the ones that were pink or looked 'too girly'.

He bought some stuff, too, but they mostly consisted of video games, a basketball, some video games, and more video games.

When we got home, I brought the bags to my room, and then we just hung out in Aleks's room. It had dark red walls, a few bean bag chairs in front of the TV, a case with DVDs and video games next to it, crimson red bed sheets, a desk with a laptop on it, and even a mini fridge. We sat on the bean bag chairs, set about 8 feet apart, and tossed a ball back and forth, asking each other random questions.

Neither of us was tired, so we worked on the mental connection thing. We figured out a way to send messages to each other without hearing all of each other's thoughts. Kinda like using a walkie-talkie as opposed to a phone.

All of the sudden, I got the best idea. I looked at Aleks with a smile on my face. "What?" he asked cautiously.

"Are there any woods around here? Somewhere we could go and nobody would see us?" The smile wouldn't leave my face since I was so excited.

"Yeah. . ." he said reluctantly.

"Let's go, then. I have an idea." At the look he gave me I quickly said, "Nothing bad or dangerous. Okay, maybe a little bit dangerous, but nothing we can't handle. It'll be fun."

He looked skeptical, but nodded and said, "Okay, I trust you."

I grinned and went to get some sneakers from my room.


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