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It's Your Fault - NovaHD by SweetlyDeadly13
It's Your Fault - NovaHDby SweetlyDeadly13
Aleks starts to feel something for James he wish he wouldn't. Its not my fault right? I didn't want this to happen, it just did! If it’s anyone's fault it's fucking Jame...
  • creatures
  • uberhaxornova
  • guyxguy
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Alseks x Dejwid hot 13 lat itp by Majoneszke
Alseks x Dejwid hot 13 lat itpby Majoneszke
AxD mrr mm cycunie itp ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • tyłeczki
  • alex
  • porno
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Hurt (ImmortalHD) by immortal-nova-l0ve
Hurt (ImmortalHD)by CC
Aleks meets a girl named Cass in a bar after a fight with her boyfriend, Ben. Aleks helps Cass to put Ben in jail, but crosses some lines along the way. Things heat up...
  • aleksmarchant
  • marchant
  • cowchop
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Telepathic Twins by xxnikexx
Telepathic Twinsby xxnikexx
Aleksandra is a girl who has been picked on for being different. Well, not really 'picked on', more like 'tortured and studied', but same thing, right? Anyway, things...
  • aleks
  • agony
  • voices
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Never Forget About Me | Obama x Shrek x ImmortalHD by sweet_ghosts
Never Forget About Me | Obama x 🔝MILK DADDY🔝
"On the fifth knock I'm met with such a beautiful sight. It was an ogre, his defined jaw and clothing that accented his figure well made my knees weak. All I wante...
  • aleks
  • ograma
  • ogramahd
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Lost & Found by TwilightHayley
Lost & Foundby Hayley
James Wilson was born without a soulmark, living his life without ever knowing the first words he'd hear from his soulmate. He thought that meant he didn't have one...un...
  • cowchop
  • novahd
  • james
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NovaHD Collection (Oneshots) by TwilightHayley
NovaHD Collection (Oneshots)by Hayley
A series of oneshots about Aleks and James. All take place in the canon universe - aka, they are their usual, gaming, idiotic selves. If you're looking for oneshots set...
  • immortalhd
  • boyxboy
  • creatures
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Class Of 198X •OneShots• by loser_face
Class Of 198X •OneShots•by loser_face
A collection of short stories based around the DnD web show 'Class of 198X,' featuring CowChop playing the characters of Hannah, Sam, Mike and Amanda, four teens who dec...
  • brett
  • mikejaundice
  • uberhaxornova
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alone |immortalhd| by frick-aleks
alone |immortalhd|by fanfiction loser
'there's nothing more I want, except to be alone.' highest rating: #18 on immortalhd
  • aleks
  • fanfiction
  • marchant
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downpour // immortalhd by intern-hoe
downpour // immortalhdby k
He always found a way to me when it rained.
  • cowchop
  • thecreatures
  • downpour
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Listless [CowChop x Reader] by kittchop
Listless [CowChop x Reader]by kittchop
Moving to Colorado was something you've wanted to do for a long time. You move in next to a group of guys who have a YouTube channel called CowChop. What could go wrong...
  • hungryhundar
  • modestcube
  • romance
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Aleksandr by SoundTheStereo
Aleksandrby Lindsay
The Great Civil War of all time is close to an end. ************ This story is based on The Creatures as people but I portray them a lot differently than they actually a...
  • fan-fiction
  • creatures
  • immortalhd
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Suicide Room: How I Saved Him by MeganLeigh926
Suicide Room: How I Saved Himby Little Luna
We all know the story of Dominik Santorski right? Wrong. Dominik is still very much alive. How would I know? I was there that night. My plan was to change his life aroun...
  • suicideroom
  • suicide
  • erica
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Tornado Warning (NovaHD) by BrandiBalls
Tornado Warning (NovaHD)by Brandi
Office couple James and Aleks are the last two left in the office when the newscast is telling them to find cover.
  • immortalhd
  • aleks
  • james
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Cow Chop Preferences by Latrice_M
Cow Chop Preferencesby Latrice
Title says it all my friends
  • roosterteeth
  • aleksmarchant
  • chop
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Reasons Why >> ImmortalHD *On Hold* by AALovell
Reasons Why >> ImmortalHD *On Hold*by Raider
'Reason Number 1 The day we met.'
  • cowchop
  • thecreaturehub
  • youtubegamer
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Missing ///U.N by pikapika04
Missing ///U.Nby Lee
"I want you to stay with me forever."
  • matt
  • alsojakob
  • cowchop
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NovaHD ~ [AU OneShots] by TwilightHayley
NovaHD ~ [AU OneShots]by Hayley
A series of NovaHD one-shots, set in alternate universes. James and Aleks could be in high school or at college, they could be complete strangers or they could be soulma...
  • uberhaxornova
  • james
  • aleks
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As long as you're happy(immortalanex) by mysticaldjlegend
As long as you're happy( keko~
Aleks has always loved kevin, but Kevin does not feel the same way...he's in love with James. Aleks knows this and is willing to do anything to make kevin happy. Even if...
  • goldenblackhawk
  • aleks
  • immortalanex
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Children of the CIA (On Hold) by DarknessArise
Children of the CIA (On Hold)by DarknessArise
When you think of the CIA, the first thing that comes to mind is men in suits and earwigs. Teenagers in sweatshirts probably doesn't come up in a conversation about the...
  • aleks
  • children
  • terrorist
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