Telepathic Twins -- Chapter 10

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Chapter 10

Aleksandra's POV

When Aleks told me to come down, I yelled back "Be right there!" and quickly went back in the bathroom to towel dry my hair a bit and make sure I looked presentable. My pants were a bit tight and so was my shirt, but not enough to look slutty. I parted my still slightly damp hair to the left side and went downstairs.

Aleks gave me a sort of mental tour when I was still in the cell, so I knew my way around. Although this would be my first time meeting Aleks, his friends would think that I've been living here for a while---which I have, albeit unconsciously---so I had to act indifferent.

Everyone was waiting in the living at the bottom of the stairs when I walked down. Their heads turned toward me, and their jaws dropped when they saw me. "Um, hi," I said awkwardly.

They didn't respond, but Owen looked back and forth from me to Aleks. Well this was awkward. They seemed to be in some kind of shock. An idea came to mind.

I looked behind them with my eyes wide and said, "Holy shit!"

Their heads snapped to where I was looking as if they were waking up. "What?" Aaron asked.

"Nothing, I just hate when people stare at me."

That earned a few laughs and scoffs out of them and most of the awkward tension dissipated. Julie asked, "Aleks? Are you gonna introduce us?"

I got a good look at Aleks. His features were similar to mine, but our pale blue eyes were exactly the same. "Well, this is Aleksandra. My twin sister."

Their eyes widened and they looked back to me. Well, except for Landon whose eyes never left me. It took me a minute to realize what I saw in them. Lust.

I'd never really thought about whether a guy would find me physically attractive. None of the guys at the prison I was in looked at me like that. Brenden looked at me as a friend, Miles looked at me like I was the devil, and everyone else looked at me like a science experiment. Well, except for Damien, but I was pretty sure he'd get off on seeing an animal in pain.

"Nice meeting you," Owen said, but it sounded more like a question. "I'm Owen, and that's Julie, Aaron, and Landon."

I know; my brother told me because we're mind linked. "Great to finally meet all of you. Just call me Leksi."

"Why didn't you tell us you have a sister?" Landon asked, speaking for the first time since he got here.

"I only found out a while ago. My dad took me to get her over Christmas break."

"That was, like, a week ago," Aaron said.

"I haven't been feeling well," I said. My stomach growled so I told Aleks, "I'm hungry, what's there to eat?"

He handed me a bag from McDonald's. "I bought this for you on the way back."

I thanked him and walked toward the kitchen, not surprised to hear Aleks and his friends following me. "So you guys were separated from birth?" Julie asked.

I said "Mm-hmm," at the same time Aleks said, "Yup."

"Where've you been for the past 16 years?" Landon asked.

"Delaware, and then I moved to Ohio." Aleks snorted at that. I opened the bag and took out a knife to cut the Big Mac in half. The thing was huge, and I knew there was no way I'd be able to finish it in one meal.

Owen asked "You guys understand if we're werided out about this, right?"

"Hell, we're still weirded out," Aleks said.

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