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Ivory and Ebony (Grisha) by Stxrmfall
Ivory and Ebony (Grisha)by void !
[ON HOLD] As the years pass, Alina understands the Darkling more and more- and begins to regret killing him. When the last of the otkazat'sya summoners die, her power sl...
  • summoner
  • light
  • starkov
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Telepathic Twins by xxnikexx
Telepathic Twinsby xxnikexx
Aleksandra is a girl who has been picked on for being different. Well, not really 'picked on', more like 'tortured and studied', but same thing, right? Anyway, things...
  • twins
  • torture
  • voices
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What If by AlexaWood42
What Ifby AlexaWood42
What if the Darkling had won the war? What if Mal and Nikolai had ended up dying? What if there was a possibility that the Darkling and Alina could be together...some ho...
  • fanfic
  • leighbardugo
  • alinastarkov
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Smallville Book 1 by Spooken
Smallville Book 1by Spooken
Aleksander Tyler didn't have a good life until the Kents took him in. Now many years have past and most of Aleksander's painful memories and scars have healed, but when...
  • kents
  • smallville
  • chloe
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Suicide Room 2 by DrEllaBLHotchner
Suicide Room 2by Dr. Ella Blake-Lethal Hotchner
In the first movie Dominik dies, but that's not what happened, In Suicide Room 2 it is known that he almost killed himself, after being put through the hospital and ther...
  • room
  • boyxboy
  • santorski
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Miłość nie jest racjonalna || Zemsta - Cześnik x Rejent by Burashi
Miłość nie jest racjonalna || Zwiastun Spierdolenia
"Nie masz nic tak złego, żeby się na dobre nie przydało. Bywa z węża dryjakiew, złe często dobremu okazyję daje. Nienawiść szczera w jeszcze szczerszą miłość się z...
  • aleksander
  • milczek
  • geje
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Masquerade by writingfamily01
Masqueradeby I.M.I
Maddalena Milés, the knight girl. Growing up in a noble family is tough, Especially when your worst enemy becomes your best friend. Aleksandra Brask, the girl with scarr...
  • brask
  • assassin
  • kitty
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Nadia Nombrë by CharleyReynolds
Nadia Nombrëby CharleyReynolds
Aleksander Halem. Nadia Nombrë. Megan Nombrë. Aleksander Halem was turned into a vampire in 1420. It is now 2014 and Aleksander is still furious for not being reunited...
  • ştefan
  • nadia
  • megan
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Darkness will always triumph by FriyMeen
Darkness will always triumphby Friy Meen
What if the darkling had won? What if the fold was destroyed and Alina did claim the third amplifier, and the Mal did come back to life? What if there where more sun sum...
  • safin
  • love
  • lovetriangle
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Aleksander- Dwa światy. by FlippySkill
Aleksander- Dwa ś Grafik Flippy
Aleksander Slow. Prawnik, który odpowiada za bezwzględne wybranianie przestępców. Rzuca się w wir czasu próbując zrozumieć swoją prawdziwą naturę.
  • top10
  • science-fiction
  • dwa-światy
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Criminal Intent: Murder, Mayhem and... Battenberg? by ScarsTellStories
Criminal Intent: Murder, Mayhem Cas
"Society Prepares The Crime, The Criminal Commits It." ~ Henry Thomas Buckle. Isadore Janet Thorne. Criminal Hacker. 'Sud'ba'. She comes as quick as she goes...
  • crime
  • bratchett
  • seductive
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The Power of Love. by HarasTornade
The Power of HarasTornade
Quando l'estate giunge al termine, il tempo torna a scorrere lentamente e con sé anche la vita di Hayley. Tutto torna a come lo aveva lasciato alla fine del quarto anno...
  • baron
  • music
  • guitar
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White Witch: The Green Curse by AnnaJac059
White Witch: The Green Curseby Anna
Fighting is a common thing in Ravenburg, but normally they get stopped before anyone gets hurt... except this once where Lilith's whole life went into a blur. Who are th...
  • aleksander
  • legends
  • good
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Aleksander: The Crazy Odd Night by wazmmooo
Aleksander: The Crazy Odd Nightby Wazmo
In this light hearted , drama filled short book , a young introverted man ending off his school career attends a party that takes many unexpected turns. As his persevera...
  • aleksander
  • drama
  • newcastle
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You are Unique | A.R, L.C by Anne1Dlove
You are Unique | A.R, L.Cby Anne1Dlove
„On nie może się tego dowiedzieć, nikt się nie może tego dowiedzieć. Mimo tego, jak bardzo chciałabym mu o tym powiedzieć, wykrzyczeć, po prostu nie mogę. Dla żadnej ze...
  • miłość
  • collins
  • lily
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Thoughts can be killers [Immortalfox] by FoulLily
Thoughts can be killers [ FoulLily
Eddie's mind starts pushing him, his mind going back and forth about how easy it is to kill someone and how he shouldn't do it. His mind pushes him to it and now his bes...
  • eddie
  • aleks
  • chapters
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the age old story of, "how did you come to be so evil?" by McSick
the age old story of, "how did -ˏ`00:00´ˎ-
Iosef. Anton. Stasik. Kirill. Arkady in the South. Eryk in the North. The Darkling forever.
  • leigh
  • thedarkling
  • wattys2017
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Zero Gravity by Finchupa
Zero Gravityby Finchupa
Clover Prasch is a normal high schooler. Smart, but not a brainiac, popular, but not a conceded brat. For a week, she's had a mind bending headache, terribly intense and...
  • human
  • gene
  • headache
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