Telepathic Twins -- Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

Aleksander's POV

I still couldn't believe my dad agreed to help me find Leksi. I'd been planning to take a plane or something. When I had told him about her being tortured and studied, he seemed appalled. It just surprised me because he's always so cold and expressionless. I knew he loved me, of course, but he's never met Leksi from what he tells me. I think he really did feel bad for leaving her.

Leksi obviously didn't think I'd be able to find her. From her thoughts, I could tell she wanted to, but didn't wanna be disappointed if I couldn't. Each mile we got closer to her, the connection grew clearer.

She was dreaming now about her younger half-sister. I guess that made her our younger sister. Her dreams weren't as... loud as when she 'spoke' to me. It was sorta in the background unless I concentrated. At least she wasn't hungry anymore.

It was about an 11 hour drive to the border of Ohio from our house. Dad told me we'd have to stop at least once since I didn't have my license yet and he needed to sleep. I was so antsy and my foot wouldn't stop tapping the floor. It probably looked like a retarded rabbit's foot.

What would she look like? She had said when she saw my reflection that we had the same eyes and her hair was a lighter blonde. Besides looks, we had a lot in common; same music taste, same favorite color, same personality.

My dad looked deep in thought when I looked sideways. Suddenly, my phone started ringing 'Rockstar' by Nickelback. That was Owen's ringtone. I answered it, "Yeah?"

"Dude, where are you? All of us are at your house and nobody's opening the door."

There was no way I was explaining the mind reading thing over the phone, if at all. "Uh, my dad's taking me on a road trip for my birthday."

"Your birthday was days ago," Julie pointed out. Great, he had the phone on speaker.

"He surprised me," -definitely not a lie- "We're gonna be gone for a few days since it's Christmas break." Also not a lie. We were almost at the Pennsylvania state border.

"And you didn't invite us?!" Aaron asked.

"It's been a while since I've done anything with just my dad." Hooray for telling the truth! ...sort of.

"Fine; be back soon, dammit!" Julie said playfully.

"I will. Bye."

"Bye!" they all said.

I hung up the phone. What would Leksi think of them? I refused to believe that I'd never find her. Dad looked like he wanted to say something. This was weird 'cause he usually just said whatever was on his mind. "What, dad?"

He hesitated. "Did she think anything bad about me? Is she mad at me for leaving her with your mother?"

I blinked. Well that surprised the hell out of me. "Not at all. I explained to her what happened and she doesn't blame you for anything."

"What about you?"

The truth was, I did blame him a little bit. How could he just leave his daughter there when he knew our mother was gonna use her? Dad seemed to see my answer in the silence.

"I didn't leave without a fight. I honestly tried my hardest to persuade her to let me take Aleksandra. She threatened to keep both of you and call the cops if I didn't leave." He took a deep breath. "It was either one of you or neither, and I chose you."

"Why couldn't you just tell the cops that she'd abuse her?"

"Like I told you before; she is a vicious woman. She was going to tell them that I raped her and that I'd do the same to Aleksandra. Which is completely ridiculous, but the law would take her side; she knew that. I had no choice."

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