Telepathic Twins -- Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Aleksander's POV

Happy sixteenth birthday to me. Everyone at my party was having a good time except for me. I felt really tired for some reason and... hungry? But I just ate 4 slices of pizza an hour ago. Mia walked up to me. "Come on, let's dance!" she shouted over the music. 'Don't trust me' by 3Oh!3 was playing.

Dancing was just about the last thing I felt like doing, but I let her drag me to the dance floor. She immediately turned so her back was to my chest and started grinding her ass against my crotch. I got a hard on, but I didn't feel like having sex with her tonight. Which kinda scared me.

'This hurts!' a voice screamed. I looked around to see if someone was in pain, but nobody else appeared to have heard the noise. What the hell?

I was confused, so I asked in my head, 'What hurts?'

'Everything,' replied an agonized voice. What the fuck?! Was I losing it or something?

'Who the hell are you?! Stay out of my head!' Yeah, because voices in your head listen if you tell them that. Surprisingly, the voice was gone.

Mia noticed my unease and asked, "Are you alright?"

I nodded. "Yeah, I'm fine."

We danced for several more songs and then went to get drinks. We talked about random shit and gossip at school for a while. She whispered in my ear, "Let's go upstairs."

"Sure." For once I wasn't too eager. I felt sick. As we cut through the dance floor, I felt the worst pain in my head. I collapsed to the ground shuddering with my eyes closed. It felt like something was being planted or drilled into my brain. It took a few seconds that felt like years, but it finally stopped. My head felt weird, to say the least.

I opened my eyes and everyone was staring down at me in shock. "I'm fine; I don't know what just happened." They stared after me in shock as I rushed to the bathroom.

Something or someone was in my head, I could feel it. 'I know you're there.'

'You can read my mind, too?' the same voice from before asked.

Was someone playing some kind of sick joke? 'Yeah, where the hell are you? And how come you're starving?' I could feel hunger through the... what am I supposed to call it? Connection?

'A more important question is who the fuck are you?'

This was just a voice in my head, right? My subconscious or something? 'Aleksander.'

I could feel disbelief. 'No. Freaking. Way. You're just my imagination, aren't you? Shit, I've officially lost my mind.' Weird, I was just thinking the same thing. Wait, what? This was confusing.

Mentally, I rolled my eyes at... her. "I'm pretty sure I'm going nuts, too. What's your name?'

'Aleksandra.' Yeah, right.

'Stop playing. This is damn serious.'

'I'm not!'

'So I'm reading someone's mind who happens to have practically the same name as me.'

'Yeah, I'd be pulling the trigger right now if I had a gun.' Now that sounds more like what crazy voices would say.

'And now I'm having suicidal thoughts. Fucking perfect.'

'I'm the one with the suicidal thoughts, moron.'

This was getting annoying. 'If I took some serious mental health meds, would you shut up?'

'I dunno. Are you a real person?' What kind of question was that?

'No shit.'

'Prove it.' How am I supposed to do that?

'I live in Connecticut with my dad. And you live in my mind, right?' Please say yes; that would make things so much less complicated.

'Actually, at the moment, I'm living in a cell, starving.'

Great, so I have a hungry nut stuck in my head.

'Who are you callin' nut? You're the one hearing voices.' She was messing with me.

'Sorry, you weren't supposed to hear that thought.'


'Bitch,' I retorted.

'I know who's footsteps those are,' she thought, panicked.

For some reason, I felt like I needed to help her. 'Who? I can tell you're panicked, what the fuck is going on?!'

'Uh, how do I shut off this mental communication thing?'

'Like I would know.'

Suddenly, she pulled out of my head and made some kind of barrier so I couldn't read her mind. I could still feel the spot where she was, though.

What the fuck is going on?

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