Looking down at her mates she wondered if she would get punished later for this. She managed to handcuff both of them to the bench. Slowly she placed the warm food strategically on their bodies.

She poured the syrup down their chests. Now she just had to wake them. Smiling deviously she started fake moaning.

"Mmm.. Oh god!!..yes..yes.yes..harder baby.. Right there. Oh oh YES DADDY!!!"

Their eyes popped open, sleep completely gone. Ian tried to move towards her but noticed he was tied down. Both looked up to see themselves tied to a bench leg in the pool room.

"Baby why are we tied up, and it would be easier on you later." Gunner smirked wiggling his eye brows and ian flicked his tongue at her.

"Well you see I've decided to make you my plates for my breakfast...and I feel its a perfect time to tease you. Definitely see me I can see you both are now fully awake" she nodded to their aroused members.

With a devious smile, she shook the can of rich whipped cream. She swirled some in their erection's heads. They hisses, while their dicks jumped. Smirking she pulled her hair to the side and leaned down over Gunners with her tongue ready to lick the whipped cream off.

The door to the pool room flew open and Jacob stood there panting.

"I've been looking for you guys, I ha- whoa!! What's going in here? Bishop I didn't know you were into the S&M." Jacob laughed. Lisa unlocked the guys and rolled her eyes.

"Well I'll be waiting in the kitchen after ya'll clean up...what ever this is." He chuckled walking out.

Ian and Bishop looked towards her with their eyebrows raised.

"Are you going to look at us or lick us mate?" They both said at the same time. OK that was hell-a creepy. You'd think the motherfuckers were twins..

Getting up walking to the door she locked it. Taking off her oversized shirt, she just hoped they wouldn't get too loud.


"You guys are soo nasty..they kids are in the house you know?" Holly complained.

Lisa just giggled as Bishop blushed and Ian scowled at their sister. She thinking on the babies. The twins were doing fine the bruising had lightened up tremendously. Colin on the other hand. He was going to make it, but his life would be scared with challenges. She wished she could kill Martha over again.

"So when do we get that bitches body off our land?" She looked at the guys.

"Well we are returning her body back to here family. They will be coming to pick it up from the pack house. Her sister is a the Luna of some pack.. Ugh what the hell is its name?" Gunner was trying to figure it out.

Ian was holding one of the girls while his mother cooed the other.

"Oh! Its the west wind pack. Her name is Rebecca! Hmm I knew I'd remember at some point. They're coming to get her body Friday." Gunner grumbled.

Lisa sat frozen in her seat. West wind pack? Rebecca? She started to hyperventilate. Her eyes dashed around in panic. She jumped when she felt a hand rubbing her back.

"Lass what's wrong?" Ian asked.

She couldn't get enough air in or out. All she could say was.



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