Her body hurt so badly. It felt like she decided to fight Bruce Lee and got her ass kicked. Trying to move only caused more pain. So she just kept still and tried to take in her surroundings.

It was cold and the air smelt of rot and mold. The wind was howling and some slipped into the space making it cold. It hurt but she forced her eyes open to see where she was.

It looked like a cabin. There were rotted beams and some type of plants growing along and through the wooden walls. On window was broken because a tree wanted entrance. There was the smell of burning wood and the left was a basically dead fire.

Trying once again to get up she couldn't. She was laying on a dust old bed and her arms were to the wooden posts. She had to find a way to get out of there and back to her mates and kids. Her Mates!

Lisa's body started to tremble as a scream rose from her throat. He killed her mates, that bastard took them from her. She cried, screamed, and vowed that Antoni would pay.

Hell she hated Rebecca but she never wanted to kill her. Yes she nearly threw boiling oil on her for looking at her mates, but never kill her.

The door to the room opened and the Son of a Bitch walked in like it a dinner party going on in the damn room.

"Baby! I'm so happy you're awake. Now we can finally catch up. Plus I have a surprise for our honeymoon. Oh I can't keep secrets from you. I'm taking you to Paris. I know you'v-" she cut him off.

"I've already been."

"What? Uh no how? You're supposed to go with me.. Remember our plans in high school, you remember right?!" He asked

"My mate took me, got me pregnant and I had his beautiful daughters. Oh yeah I remember, and at the time was it not a group idea to go to Paris... On spring break. Do you remember that you FUCKING PSYCHOPATH!" she screamed.

Antoni backhanded her, which caused Lisa to kick her leg out and land a hit to his right eye. He growled and got on top of her. He ripped off her cloths.

"You are Selfish whore. You're supposed to be mine but you let Rebecca trick me, just so you can go off and fuck a powerful alpha. Well bitch you're going to spread those legs like you do for every wolf. Mmm. You're even at the beginning of your heat cycle. I can smell it. Yeah I want you fat with my pups."

He pried her legs apart and started to push himself in.

"NOOO! GET OFF. IT HURTS!! OWW GET... STTOOOPPP!!" She screamed and thrashed around. Her thrashing made him mad. He stared hitting her. In the face, the stomach, and any exposed skin.

"Shut the fuck up you ungrateful bitch. You're mine and I'll do as I please." He wrapped his hands around her throat and continued.

Her eyed was swollen and her body used and destroyed. She had me Antoni's slave for weeks. Her heat cycle and past and she was pretty sure she was pregnant. Her mates were dead and she would never hold her babies again.

She wanted to die.

Antoni rolled off of her and pulled up his pants. He slapped her hip and left laughing, he would return, for her daily "feeding". She layer coved in her blood and his essence. Disgusting. She started coughing which was basically a wheeze. She also knew she was very sick.

There was thumping and a strangled yelp come from the other room. It got louder, she heard glass shatter, a cracking sound, then quiet. She wasn't scared, maybe what ever it was killed Antoni and would kill her too. Know her luck the psycho was the winner.

Well it looks like she was about to find out. The door flew open and a big ass lion bound through the room and then came up to her side. Then came in her, older brother. Cory. She couldn't believe her eyes, she hasn't seen him since she was little and he left with their uncle. Looking over at the lion she, it shifts into her uncle Raphael.

Her dad was found as a pup by were cats, leader decided to keep him and raise him as their own.

"My baby. I'm so sorry we didn't get here sooner. I should have let you kill him uncle instead of tie him up" Cory cried.

He cut the rope and picked her up, she screamed in pain and blacked out.

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