His babies....someone took his children.. when he finds that son of a bitch he was going to rip them open and feed them their own intestines.

Looking over he saw Bishop holding their mate. Lisa looked so small and vulnerable. Bishop had trackers out looking for the babies.

The front door flung open and the three trackers ran inside huffing. "Alpha we followed the pups scent and it leads to a cabin on the edge of the mountain." He said.

"Alright let's run...I'm getting my our cubs back and I'm killing someone with my bare hands. "  Ian said walking out the door.


They wete outside the cabin slowly creeping up to the entrance. Ian huffed signaling he would go in first, he shifted back and as he was opening the they heard a screech.

Lisa ran up and flung the door open. There on the couch was a naked Martha with Nora between her legs and Lance pounding into her.


" mmm. So glad you showed up mate...want to join?" Martha gave a psychotic laugh. Lance and Nora smiled like evil nuts.

"You bitch where are my kids!?!" Lisa pounced in the back of the couch knocking Martha and her little orgy to the floor.

"Noo. They are mine!! Mistress promised me I could have them!" Nora screamed.

"You see Lance always wanted to be alpha, not a lowly delta. So we became lovers. My mate didn't like that" she glanced at Nora "so in exchange I promised to give her the brats she always wanted. Though sadly it wasn't Lance's, it was Bishop's."

"I never wanted any child of yours staring me in the face. So I made sure it wouldn't ever again" Lance sneered at Gunner.

It threw bishop over the edge. He jumped and shifted landing on Lance. Gunners weight must have broken all of Lance's ribs, from the sound of the bones cracking.

Ian was in his bear form. He grabbed Nora and before she could shift, Ian placed her head in his mouth and crushed it. Then he started tearing the body apart.

Lisa ran after Martha . Martha ran into the room she was holding the babies in. The twins bodies were badly bruised and they were in a box wheezing. Turning she saw a small bloody body in the closet. Her babies.

Looking at Martha, sent Lisa into a rage. She launched herself at Martha, and everything went black.

Lisa groaned. She felt sore, but she felt completely sick more. Sitting up she felt her stomach heave. She ran to the bathroom and puked her kidney out.

She fell back on the cold floor and stared at her bathroom ceiling. Her bathroom ceiling? How the hell did she get back here. Last she checked they were looking for the cubs. Her eyes went wide as tires. Running out the room, she stumbled down the the stairs, only to be caught in Vincents arms.

"The babies! Where are my babies?!" She broke down crying. Vincent pulled her to the couch, just as holly came out the kitchen and handed her some tea.

"Lisa, the twins are bruised up but they will heal. Colin on the other hand , its a waiting game with him. His body, was beaten and burned, and his face was cut up. He needed a lot of blood..so Bishop gave as much as he needed. Even skin. Now your mates are in the pool room. You need to talk to them they are.... Lost." He whispered the last word.

Getting up she walked down the corridor to the pool room. Opening the door Gunner was laying on a mattress, that must have gotten dragged in here. It was by the edge of the pool. He was naked, except for the bandages coving were skin was taken. He was on his stomach with his right arm dangling in the pool.

Ian was in his bear form, laying on the pool steps only his head was out of the water. They were both sleep near each other.

Plopping down in the space between them she let her feet dip in the water . She put hand on there heads, rubbing their heads. Gunner looked at her and placed is head in her lap, and Ian rested his snout on her thigh. They both just layer there quietly.

Lisa decided to tell them a story  about a goddess and two brothers. By the time she was finished they were both sleep.

Still petting their heads, she thought back to what happened in the cabin. 

She attacked Martha and started ripping out her insides, she even ate her heart. Martha's screams only excited her. Bishop and Ian had to get her off. She looked around to see the babies gone. Ian told her that the pups were taken back to the house for care.

Looking at the soft waves in the pool , she sighed. Her family was attacked but they survived. Looking at the water she felt some sense of peace, even if it was just for the moment.


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