He needed to throw up. He was going to throw up. Shit.

"He's finally up. Lean over here baby I got the trash can." He heard his mother's voice. She placed the trashcan under his face.

He emptied the contents of his stomach, but still kept shaking from the dry heaves. He felt numb. Like he was carrying an extra two hundred pounds on his tall, muscled frame.

"Baby I'm going to go get some more ginger ale and saltines for the boys. Svyetlana are you and Sofia coming?"

"No I'll stay with the boys, Sofia can go" Svyetlana  said.

Ian watched as his mother and Sofia left out the room. Turning his head to look at the short light skinned woman. She looked familiar but he was pretty sure he has never met her before.

"Hello cub, how are you feeling" Svyetlana asked.

"Good ma'am ...er or not." He groaned.

"Ma'am? You can call me Ma, sweetheart. It was Bishop's idea." She said.

"Ma? Bishop? Um what's going on here?"

"Why the fuck are you so loud. I'm trying to sleep." Bishop grumbled

Lucky for them they had a giant sultans bed so he didn't have to be laying beside his fat ass of a brother. Though looking at Bishop he saw his chest with a scar below his right pec.

"W-what happened?" Ian asked

"You two were shot and my daughter was kidnapped by a lunatic. Also you two have been in a coma for a month, though Bishop woke up last week. The bullets had posion in them and they hit dangerously close to your heart." Svyetlana informed him

"Antoni...that bastard shot us!! And killed his own mate, and took- " his eyes got huge as he shot out of bed. "MY MATE. WHERE THE HELL IS SHE. BISHOP?" he was screaming, his face growing red.

"Sit down you fool. I know you're upset and worried, but she is being brought back." She  sighed.

Ian sunk back down in the bed feeling weak. At least their mate was being brought back. Looking at Bishop he knew his brother was going insane the entire week. He wanted to know where Antoni was, and how he is just now meeting....

"Holy Shit, you're Lisa's mother!!" He shouted.

"Omg you are so fucking dumb" Bishop laughed. Svyetlana just giggled.

"Yes I am. Its greet to meet the men that captured my baby's heart and gave me beautiful grandkids."

Ian blushed at her complement. Svyetlana told him to get some sleep and she let them know when Lisa was back.

"I've cried, yelled and destroyed the living room. I couldn't look our kids in the eyes knowing I allowed their mother to be taken." Bishop stares blankly at the ceiling.

"Listen. Its not your fault, so stop beating yourself up. Antoni will be the one to pay." Ian growled. Still seeing Bishop looking lost he decided to mess with him. He leaned over and pecked his brother cheek. Bishop screached  and flailed his arms at Ian for him to get off.

"You are so gross" bishop smiled.

"Ha you're one to talk."

"Bitch you have a peierced dick and nipples. Oh and lets not forget how you like to get bit while being blown." Bishop barked out laughing.

"Hey I have kinks, and Lisa never complained. You even liked her piercings." Ian laughed

"Don't corrupt our mate!! Besides she had to take those out to breastfeed."

"Oh god her breast got so big. Damn I wanted to take her at every hour of the day." Ian groaned

"I know" Bishop agreed

"She is gonna kick your asses when she find out you been talking about her like that." Vincent said as he passed by their room.

The both laughed. They would just have to wait and see.


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