Lisa's POV

"O-ok j-just wait a minute" Lisa screeched as the crazy wolf man grabbed her ankles roughly, pulling her towards him. "I don't know you!"

"Don't ever lie to me again" he yelled. She could see the anger in his eyes at that comment. Shrinking back into the bed, hoping that if she seemed smaller he would be less angry.

"-but I don't know you...let alone your name!" she mumbled the last part. Though clearly heard. He grabbed her by the back of her neck and pulled her face to face with him.

"Oh but you do" he purred "I am your mate and that's all you need to know." he said just before he crashed his lips onto hers. She felt hat searing sparks of pleasure as he deepened the kiss. His hands started to roam over her body. Causing her to moan.

Feeling his hands cup then squeeze her ass, her eyes flew open. Remembering where she was and who was on top of her. She did the most logical thing. She reared back her hand, and punched him in the face.

Watching him tumble back unto his ass was quite hilarious. At least until he gave her an evil look while rubbing his jaw. The look made her nervous but when he slowly got up smiling, that scared the shit out of her.

"What are you smiling for?" she asked backing away from him. She was trying to keep distance between them yet he just continues to prowl towards her. Though his long, muscled legs ate up the distance.

"Because my sweet now I know you like it rough in bed" his rough voice danced over her giving her shivers.

"Listen buddy... I was just passing through" she glanced at the door "-but I think it's time I hit the road" she gave a nervous laugh as she rushed to the door. It's too bad...she almost made it out, if it weren't for the solid wall of muscle she ran into instead. "Ugh"

"Now now baby no need to run, beside the chase only excites me" his smiled. 'Ugh why are all the crazy ones SOOO cute' she thought with a groan. Just as she was about to say something she noticed his eyes glaze over. He's mind linking someone! 'Now's my chance' she thought

"Sorry!!" she said and he looked down at her with a smile. Right before she kneed him in the groin, causing him to fall to the floor howling in pain. Dashing down the stairs she spotted a mans coat. Grabbing it she threw it on and it came to her knees. Not only would it keep her warm, but I would mask her scent as well.

Running out the door and into the woods she passed house and random people staring at her like a loon. Even further into the trees there was a abandoned barn, not in the best to shape. Pushing open a side door she was able to squeeze in, barley because of her wide hips.

Taking a heavy box she pushed it in front of the door. Turing around she noticed a large hole the size of a truck in the back corner of the barn. She groaned, hung her head and....facepalm! looking back up she saw a upper deck, most likely where hay was once stored. Though is seemed the ladder was long gone. Walking further over she did notice a fallen beam leading up to the deck, yet it seemed very fragile, old. Placing her foot on the beam it groaned from the slightest bit of weight.

Taking a deep breath she sprinted up the beam. She jumped onto the deck just as the beam collapsed causing a lot of noise. Afraid someone heard the noise she laid flat on her stomach and listened. After a while of silence she felt she was in the clear. There was a busted out window, which she went and sat beside. Looking out the snow was falling even heavier.

Sighing she let her head fall back and closed her eyes to rest. At least until she was interrupted by a deep 'hmph'. Looking out the window the big black wolf that chased her earlier was sitting outside looking up at her.

"Go away! Why are you stalking me?!" she screamed at him. He just tilted his head to the side. 'Bastard thinks he's slick. Knows what I'm talking about' she mumbled. Getting mad she looked for some thing to throw at him. Finding nothing she felt into the pockets of the coat she snatched.

Keys and a wallet. Opening the wallet she took out the cash and looked at the I.D. Bishop Q. Gunner. It was the asshat that chased her. Well he can have his crap back....except the coat. Leaning out the window she whistled to get his attention.

"Bishop go to hell" she said in a snooty yacht club voice. She threw the keys and wallet and they bounced off his head. It must have enraged him because he started barking like a rabid dog, crazy!

He finally shut up after ten minutes. "Finally!" she sighed. Leaning out the window she noticed two new wolves trotting up to Gunner. "Thank goodness you've calmed down, and oh look your friends have come to take you home after your tantrum" she snickered. He looked at the dark gray wolf and the tan wolf. He must be linking them.

She was about to say something when she heard a horrible growling. The three wolves head snapped in her direction. She blush embarrassed as she noticed the growling was her stomach. She hadn't eaten in over a week. Gunner gave a wolfish smile and slightly turned his head to the gray. The two wolves nodded and took off. 'What are they up to?' she thought.

After thirty minutes he just sat there staring at her. To annoy him she leaned out brought the lapels of the coat to her nose and inhaled. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head while moaned/whimpered. What can she say-crazy or not-the man smelled yummy...edible. It made her hungry as butterflies fluttered in her tummy. He got up shaking the snow from his fur, to pace. Softly growling.

She was exhausted. Laying back she closed her eyes. Only to snap them back open and someone howling to get her attention. Pulling out her iPhone she checked the time. She slept for nearly an hour! She was still dead tired though. Looking out the window she saw that the two wolves were back. Turing she watched as a now 'human' Gunner pull a pair of jeans on. They were snug but cut low so you could see a deep 'V' dusted with a black happy trail that disappeared below the jeans.

Smiling at the smexy marvel before her she gave a quiet wolf whistle. He heard though. He turned around and smirked.

"Like what you see baby?" he gestured to his body biting his lip. 'Beautiful bastard' she thought.

"You're so full of it, you-" she was cut off by her own stomach growling. It clenched feeling like it was eating itself.

"Aww hungry? Well if you come down I have some sesame chicken, veggie lo mien, and an egg roll" he purred. Her traitorous stomach growled even louder making him smile. Sexy loon and yummy food.

"Ain't this some shit? Bastard is trying to bribe me with food!" she mumbled
"You know I can arrest you for trying to bribe a cop right?" she called out

"Mmm the handcuffs will make it all the more fun mate!" he said taking the egg roll out and biting it. She gasped

"You sexy bastard. Don't eat my food!!" she yell angrily.


Lisa ...Lisa..Lisa don't you realize what you just confessed. But I can't blame you ;)

Ok I hope you guys like this chapter. All though it feels like a filler, it cool just means more funny moments. I wanted to write more but I felt it better to save what is coming for the next chapter.


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