Lisa's POV

It has been a week since the incident with Martha. Her face was healed, but she still sported the grooves in her face where Martha's claws were.

Waking up earlier than usual, she looked over and noticed that her oh so beloved mate was gone.

'Go find him' her wolf yawned.

Rolling her yes she got up and headed down the stairs. Sniffing the air she caught Gunners scent, and something delicious.

Walking into the kitchen she saw Gunner in just a pair of boxers, at the stove cooking.

"I wouldn't mind waking up to this" she said

'Mmm agreed, every morning' her wolf purred.

"You wouldn't mind what?" he turned and looked at her

"Oh you cooking me breakfast" she said cheerily

"This isn't for you." He said with a blank look.

"Then who?"

"Martha" just as he said her name, she walked in and sat down on one of the stools. All Lisa could do was stare.

The slut had a bandage wrapped around her head. She was soo milking this BS. Hmph. Her nose had a awkward bump. She deserved it.

Martha gave a cocky smirk when Gunner placed the food in front of her. Bastard only made enough for the two of them. Oh that hurt, but if they wanted to play that game. She could play too.

Putting on a cheery smile, she started to leave. "You two enjoy yourselves, I'm going for a run."

She grabbed her phone and backpack and left. She changed into a rich toffee and latte colored wolf, with dazzling violet eyes.

She carried her backpack in her mouth. Running through the wood she keep going even after it became pitch black outside.

She hit a road and trotted North. In the distance sat a building with lights and a sign. She changed back to her 'human' form and grabbed her cloths from her bag.

It was a diner.

Opening the door she walked in any sat on a stool at the counter. A pale waitress came and sat a menu in front of her. The woman looked tired. She wasn't old.

"Can I get ya' somethin darlin" she asked. Her voice was deep and raspy like a blues singer.

"Um cheeseburger, tater tots, and a cheerwine. Thank you." she said quietly as the woman walked away shouting her order through to the back.

Lisa looked around the diner. There was an old couple in the corner, the man looked like he was half asleep while is wife carried on a conversation.

A man at the end of the counter had his head in his hands. The guy was huge bigger than gunner. Wow. In another booth was a girl with tears running down her face as she slowly ate.

This place was depressing. Like where the empty, forgotten and dead came to wait. Then why was she here. Oh yeah. She was forgotten. Guess it was just easy for her to be a shadow. She sighed and looked at her hands.

A plate was pushed in front of her face. She had completely forgot she ordered and now she no longer had an appetite.

Like the girl in the booth, she just went on auto pilot and ate her food slowly.

Finishing her meal. She pulled out her wallet but the woman just shook her head, and walked to the back.

Letting out a yawn, she stretched. Every part of her body was sore. She was hours away from gunner.

Getting up to leave she noticed the big guy was gone. Walking out to the road and looked at the green sign across the road. Huh. Looks like she ran to another state. She shook her head and started walking.

She walked a good twenty miles when is started to snow. One again on the road in the cold. This was Gunners fault. He was suppose to choose her. He was just like the shit bag. Both choosing red headed whores over her. She knew she wasn't supermodel material, but damn it she wanted and craved love like anyone else.

The tears that pooled in her eyes, spilled over. She was to young to be this tired. Tired of people, of being hurt, of being used, abused, and abandoned.

She was tired of constant running.

She couldn't understand how she got the crap hand in life. She didn't bother with wiping her face. She just walked through the knee high snow. Her feet and legs were numb.

Lights shone from behind her. Looking over her shoulder she saw a bluish-silver hummer coming. She moved further towards the ditch so she wouldn't get hit. The vehicle slowed and creeped besides her. She didn't look over, just picked up her pace.

The hummer kept pace with her. The passenger window rolled down.

"Get in!" a deep growls voiced shouted at her.

The wind whipped across her face. She wasn't getting in some random strangers car. She wasn't dumb. The dude could be a serial rapist/killer. Chopping up bodies while Justin beiber plays in the background. Sicko. That just made her shiver with the creeps.

"Ah....No I'm good" she shouted back.

"Moron. You'll freeze to death. Get. In!" he yelled.

"You know what? Fuck off pedo bear, cause you're yelling at the wrong one!!" just as she said that the hummer stopped. Uh oh.

The driver door opened and out stepped.....the guy from diner? He ran up to her, tossing her over his shoulder. Opening the passenger door he tossed her in.

She tried opening the door but it wouldn't budge. The bastard but her on child lock. Oh lord. He got in and sped off.

"You should put on your seat belt" he looked at her from the corner of his eye.

"And maybe you should die" she said jumping at him swiping her claws across his cheek. That caused him to swerve into the other lane. Due to the slippery roads the car slightly slid. That caused her to let out a bloody scream.

"You crazy woman!! Are you trying to get us fucking killed!! Jeeze" he yelled as he rightened the hummer. He looked pissed.

"Why did you kidnap you perve!" she growled. She had a death grip on the door handle.

"Sorry, but it goes against everything in me to leave a woman in trouble." He said quietly.

"Who said I was in trouble" she snapped.

He just looked over at her with a raised brow. Hmph. She turned towards the window and watched the snowy land fly by. He had smooth jazz playing. And it was nice and warm in the car, hell the seats felt like a cloud.

So. She couldn't help but feel exhausted. She became comfort able and started to doze off.

"Hmm I'm Lisa. Lisa Moore." She stated half awake.

"Ian. Ian McDunn." He said in a thick Scottish accent. Hmm she hadn't paid attention to it earlier. It was nice.

"I love your accent" she yawed. He chucked just as she fell asleep.

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