Lisa's POV

A year. A whole fucking year!!! Her mate has not come for her. Dirty bastard. Well she doesn't need him. She would carry on with her life without him.

"Stop thinking angry thoughts lass. Ye are disturbing my beauty sleep" Ian mumbled. He currently is laying on the sofa with his head in her lap.

Giggling Lisa turned her attention back to the TV. There was another baby commercial on. There were a lot of them lately. Hmm. Or maybe she just had been really obsessed.

Lately she has been craving a baby of her own. When she would be out and see babies she'd feel so empty.

"Lass! Ye have on last time to disturb my sleep." Ian opened one eye and stated at her.

"Sorry brother bear. Go back to sleep" she rubbed his hair.

"Mm do no call me that." He grumbled "Besides we need to get up. I have something special planned today ...birthday girl" he smiled is dazzling million dollar grin.

She squealed jumping up, causing Ian to fall on the carpet. Crouching down she offered her hand to help him up. "Sorry. So what do you have planned?"

"Just go up stairs and get ready we'll be leaving in an hour" he smiled.

Rushing up the steps to her room she went into the bathroom and turned on the shower and started to scrub herself with her winterberry body wash. Wrapping herself in a fluffy towel she started to blow dry her hair.

She flat ironed her hair,added mousse, then stuck curlers in. Going to her walk-in closet she put on a teal silk camisole, a black/white/tan Aztec print maxi skirt and nude red bottoms.

She wore very little makeup. Just some mascara and apple lipgloss. She was about to walk out, then remembered the curlers. Giggling, she took them out.

Her hair fell in giant loose ringlets, they bounced with each step.

"Lass hurry up or well be late!" Ian shouted from down stairs.

"Coming, coming. Here I am your highness ." she said trotting down the stairs.

Ian grabbed her hand and helped her into the hummer. "Ye look beautiful Lisa."

"Aww thank you. You don't look bad yourself" he chuckled

They drove for hours just to get out of the mountains. Ian really likes his privacy and space. He owns most of the land.

"Will you tell me where we are going?" Lisa whined.

"No. I will no tell you. You will have to wait and see." he laughed at her pout.

Lisa was starting to doze off when she felt the car stop. Ian picked her up out of the car.

Rubbing the sleep from her eyes. "Where are we?" then a large plane sounded off. " We're at an airport?!" she jumped up and down.

"Yes we are, but we are still not at our destination yet." He held her hand and walked in. The place was huge and busy. Mumbled voiced called for people to board. Giant signs have the plane schedule. And the pilots were chatting over coffee, heading to their planes.

Ian turned to her and put a blindfold over her eyes. "Now I don't want you to ruin the surprise by finding out. So you have to have your headphones on the whole time."

"Ugh! Fine! This waiting is agonizing." She pouted. She was lead through the line and climbed stairs with Ian's help. Then she was gently pushed down into a buttery leather seat. One of her headphones was pulled out.

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