My god she smelled maple sausage. She tried moving but it was hard with the weight on top of her. The room was dark so she couldn't see what was pinning her down, keeping her from food.

She heard two growls as she tried getting up once again. Fine. If she had to use force then so be it. She grabbed the heavy weights on top of her and pulled them to her mouth. She bit down hard, only to hear screams of pain.

Jumping up finally free she waddled down the stairs to the kitchen. There stood Madelyn cooking sausage, pancakes, eggs, grits, scones, and there was fresh squeezed juice. Lisa sat on a stool drooling over the food.

"Hello lassie, how are ye?" Madelyn asking handing Lisa a fully loaded plate.

"Oh I'm better now." She said inhaling her food.

"Oh a woman with an appetite. Now that's sexy!"  Vincent strode into the kitchen smiling at her the  gave his wife a wink.

Madelyn blushed and gave him a plate and coffee. Awe. They were so cute, she hoped she could have a relationship like that when she was their age.

At that moment Ian and Gunner walked in, both with a Doc McStuffins bandaid on their hand, directly below their pinkie knuckles.

They gave her a wary look and sat down on a stool beside her. Holly walked in and wiggled her eyebrows at Lisa.

" I see you're a biter. Like it rough huh?"

Gunner just scowled and Ian shook his head. Madelyn and Vincent found this funny. Lisa on the other hand was confused as hell. She looked at the guys for an answer.

"Ye bit us lass. If ye wanted us to wake all ye had to do was say so. Though I don't mind being bitten by you, I'd prefer to give the love bites." Ian winked.

Gunner scoffed at that. The front door opened and in walked Martha with Nora trailing behind her holding a sleeping Colin. She walked up to Gunner, sat in his lap and kissed him. Everyone had a disgusted look on their faces. Ian growled at Martha.

Lisa looked at the two with betrayal. Ian reached over and shoved Martha on the floor.

"Ye have no right or self-respect if ye come floncing in and sit on a mated mans lap, let alone shove ye tongue down his throat." Ian growled.

"What are you stupid? Bishop is my mate! I have the mark to prove it." She flipped her hair out the way and flashed the mark on her shoulder. The mark look liked a washed out temporary tattoo, or more like a bad tan line.

Lisa looked at Gunner with hate. How could he. He marked that bitch. She was his mate.

"Are you fucking serious Bishop. You chose a whore over you're mate!!" Holly yelled.

" I'm no whore! If anything she is." Martha pointed to Lisa "He chose me, we even have a kid together." She jacked her thumb over her shoulder at Colin.

Ian and Madelyn's eyes turned black. Feeling angry and depressed Lisa stood up and started to walk out, only to pause and turn back around.

"Since I'm pregnant I can't kick your ass my self, so on that note somebody get this fake ass bitch out my house before I light that ass on fire." Turning she headed up stairs, but not before she hears Madelyn.

"Gladly!!" Madelyn grabbed Martha by the hair dragged her out the door and tossed her over the deck. All the while Martha is screaming. "Bishop! We need to have a mommy son heart to heart chat." She dragged him off.

Lisa laughed and played down on the bed. Closing her eyes she started to drift of when she felt the bed dipp in.

"Try not to stress mate. Ye just have one more a three more weeks" Ian mummered.

You see were babies grow way faster then Hunan babies. So they only ate carried six months since they are half wolf, half bear. Lisa never knew that. Good thing for Madelyn.

"Yeah I know." She said snuggling up to him. With that they fell asleep.

When she woke up it was dark and she was alone. She was woken by a pain in her stomach. Looking down she saw the bed was wet. Another sharp pain ripped through her stomach and she did the first thing that came to mind. She screamed.

Vincent burst through the he door. The second he looked at Lisa he knew what was happening. Turning he sprinted out the door. Seconds later Holy, Madelyn, Sofia, and Nora came in.

"Alright dear, you're in labor. Let me check how dialat- Oh my the head is basically out. You're ready to go NOW." Sofia gentky pushed her back on the bed.

Holly shut the door.


His mate was giving birth. They could feel her pain. They sat on the porch. Ian had his head in his hands and his heel was pushing him back and forth in the swing. Martha walked up to Gunner.

"Didn't I tell your slutty ass not to come back here!!" Ian growled

"Fuck you. Besides I'm not on your property." She sat on gunners lap and pecked his lips

"Are you fucking serious. I'm ripped both of you to shreds. My ass has been craving a good slaughter." Ian stood.

Having enough, Gunner pushed Martha off his lap.

"For one shut up Ian. Second Martha my mark has faded from your skin, hence not true mates. You have called my mate out of her name. One more word from you and I'll strangle you myself." Gunner said in a low menacing voice.

Martha stared I shock then it turned to anger. "You'll regret this you bastard." She yelled and stormed off.

"Took you're damn time boy!" Vincent said from the door " oh and Lisa just finished birthing the twins." He jumped back as the two ran up to Lisa.

She was sleep and their mother and sister were holding the girls. Lisa woke up and looked at the two.

"Vendetta Quinn" she nodded to the baby on the right. "And Ivy Ness" she nodded to the baby on the left. Then she fell back asleep.

"Haha omg I forgot your middle name was ness" Gunner laughed at his brother.

"Shut it Quinn!" Ian laughed.

They were told to shut up by their mother. So they just held the twins d watched their sleeping mate.


She felt restless that night. They guys were sandwiching her and at the moment she just wanted her babies. Plus they hadn't cried at all.

Getting out of bed she went to the nursery. Opening the door she felt a good breeze. The double window was wide open and rain was coming in. Panicking she ran to the twins cribs and they were not there, looking over Colin wasn't I his crib either.

A flash of color caught her eye. Out the window snagged on the brach was a baby blanket. Lisa started screaming and crumbled to the floor. Ian and Gunner kicked open the doors.

"OUR BABIES!! THEY'RE GONE!!!!" She screamed as the rain and wind continued to pour through.


Who the hell steals babies, specially three of them. Where the hell is that nanny. Aww and she just had them. O know the Big Bad Brothers are out for blood.

So my now anxious dovies, until next chapter FOLLOW, VOTE, AND COMMENT!!


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