Ian had gone to get Antoni so they could "talk" with him. That gave him just enough time to have some fun. Tip toeing into his office, he gently closed the door. Turning he looked at his sleeping mate on the sofa.

With an evil smile he gently dropped to his knees and prowled over. He placed his hand on her stomach and rubbed slow small circles. Lisa let out some soft moans but didn't wake up. He let one hand go to the button of her jeans.

He snapped it open and managed to pull her pants down mid thigh. Mmh. Mmh. MMH!! Thank god for Ian and his no panties rule! He leaned in for a taste when a palm landed on his forehead.

"Umm. What do you think you are doing?" Lisa asked now fully awake

"Uh. I- uh you. Aww baby please?!" He gave the puppy eyes while nibbling on her lower tummy.

"Fine! Come here Alpha" she giggled pulling her shirt over her head.

Bishop launched his self at her kissing her lips. She quickly shreaded his basketball shorts. Moving down he sucked and nibbled her left nipple and pinched the other. He then let that nipple go with a pop.

"Get on the couch and spread those fucking amazing thighs." He smacked her ass.

He sat back on his heels and watched her do a little show to present herself to him. Damn, he was a lucky man.

Grabbing her thighs he pulled her to the edge closer to him. Mmh. He was going to enjoy himself.

Bishop worked his tongue all over her clit, then worked down, pushing it in and out of her. She ran her hands through his hair slightly gripping.

Lisa was purring, she was so close. Then the door flew open. Who ever thought to interrupt them when she was so close would pay.

Looking at the intruder she saw it was Ian and that pushed her over. Bishop gripped her tighter and growled. Lisa's eyes rolled into the back of her head. She just moan her mates names.

"Really Bishop you couldn't have waited for me? Plus you know we have guests." Ian says the last part sarcasticly

Lisa shoots up straight as Bishop stands licking his wet fingers. Her eyes come in contact with Antoni's. His eyes are dilated and he is breathing deep through his nose. His eyes starts roaming over her body, licking his lips.

Both Bishop and Ian growls at Antoni. Then he does something none of us expected.

He turns and  rips out Rebeccas throat. She gasps clutching her bloody neck trying to stop the blood. You just hear her gurgling as she crumbles to the floor. He pulled a gun out of the back of his pants and shot both Ian and Bishop.

He jumps at Lisa growling "Mine!"



OK don't cry. I know some of you want to stop reading now....but two new people will be introduced and family will reunite. Just a heads up. So don't cry all is not lost..

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