Colin's POV

Looking around I didn't see anyone coming. I pulled out the key I kept hidden. In my pocket and unlocked the door. I turn the knob and pushed the heavy wooden door slowly hoping it wouldn't make a sound. No luck.

The door groaned loudly from bring moved from its once dormant place. I swivled my head around looking to see if anyone heard the noise. No one came running. Hopefully they were still at the party and didn't notice my absence.

The door stopped and wouldn't open any further. Rolling my eyes I looked at the gap. I could possibly for the door open further or I could squeeze in. Both were annoying. If I forced the old door it could just fall of the hinges causing a lot of noise. Yet I could try to squeeze my 6'5" 270lb muscles body through a small space.

"Fuck. Hope I can fit."

Putting my hair up in a bun. I sucked in a breath and wiggled through the small gap. The door groaned and budged a tiny bit but no further. I was in.

Releasing the breath I was holding I looked over the storage room. Looking at all the filing cabinets and boxes, I didn't quite know where to start. Hopefully mom was still a organizing freak and label all this mess.

Going around looking my eyes landed on a bookcase that was at a odd angle in the far corner of the storage room. Walking up to it it was covered in years of dust like everything else. Taking my phone out I turned on the flashlight and pointed it behind the bookcase.

Upon trying to see further behind I may have put too much of my weight on the case causing all the boxes on top to fall to the floor scattering all of their items. Dust clouded the air and u couldn't see. I started sneezing from it all.

"Who's I here!" One deep voice. Called out

"Aye show ye self now!" Came another.

Shit. Now I have to explain why I'm in here. Taking a deep breath I walk towards the light at the door and the two voices. All this Damn dust started to coat me. The entrance door was forced open fully by one of the big men. Stepping closer I tried to remove the slight scowl on my face upon seeing their angry expressions.

"Hi da, dad" I said looking at my pissed of father's.

"Colin what the shit are you doing in here." Gunner asked.

"Son we wondered where ye went." Ian sighed.

"I wanted to find some pictures" I just stared at them blankly.

"So let me get this straight. You took the key to the old pack store room, snuck away from the party, and by the sound of it messed up something in there. Now You're covered in dust and scratches because you wanted pictures. You're 25 Colin what the hell is going on." Gunner growled.

"For one I didn't take shit grandmom have me this key. Two I came looking for a photo of mom and grandpa. Gradmom said this is the only place left that would have the photo. Its the last piece I need for moms gift." I growled back.

"Och lad. Why did you no tell us that's what ye was looking for?" Ian raised an eyebrow. I just smirked.

"Please. Like I'd tell you two and let you two sneaky old bastards one up me." I stated walking past them as dad shut the door and relocked it. I made sure I was some distance away from them before I turned back and chuckled. I know it didn't help with how I looked.

Standing under the light post causes the light to cast gruesome shadows on my scared face and I'm sure my smirk looked like a demonic grin.

"I've got what I came for." I state holding a laminated photo between my fingers. They looked at me then each other and nodded before they started running at me.

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