They were back at gunners house. Ian and gunner were playing with the kids. Colin made little wheezing laughs every now and again. It was sad yet adorable, he wanted to play yet was to weak to do so. Ian and Gunner were showing him special attention.

Looking out the picture window in the kitchen Lisa grew angry. She hated Martha and was glad the bitch was dead. Though she knew she had resembled someone she knew, hell she even once heard Rebecca say she had an older sibling.

Now it was just a waiting game. The west wind pack would be there today, and frankly she didn't want them on her land. She was now Luna. Gunner and Ian's marks tingled on her neck. Funny how easily they decided to co-alpha.

Looking back at her three boys she looked at them with utter joy. Ian make faces and Gunner held up a elephant plush making animal noises. Colin obviously found this to be so funny he just giggled till his face turned red. He was laughing so hard, that he let out a fart.

It went deadly quiet. Holly let out a snort like laugh, causing the whole room to erupt. It was too cute.

The beautiful moment was ruined by the sound of cars. Looking out the window she saw a red BMW pull up.

The vehicle stopped and the driver's side door opened. A head of blonde hair popped out and there stood the man that she hated most of all.


And it just got better, because he walks around the car and opens the passenger door and who steps their fake ass out?


Sucking in a breath, then letting it out she walked with her boys to meet the sons a bitches.

"Alpha Antoni I see you have brought a good amount of your pack just to pick up a body. That pup, is not very wise." Bishop said in a flat voice.

Oh how cute Antoni's face was tinged red with anger. This may be fun after all.

"And here I was hoping to impresse THE Alpha Bishop." He smiled

"I'm unimpressed, now the body will be ready in an hour so you can get off my land" Bishop said.

"Wait!! We traveled all this way and you don't even allow us to stay, its late. Also you never said what happened to my sister!" Rebecca raised her voice.

"You were told to take the body and leave. I suggest you obey, since you are not on your own land" Lisa stated.

Antoni and Rebecca looked at her with shock. They hadn't seen her in years. And oh Lisa knew revenge would be sweet and flesh melting hot.

"Who the fuck do you are talking to fat ass. I'm a Luna, you can't talk to me like that!!" Rebecca shrieked

Both Ian and Bishop growled at Becca. Lisa rubbed her mates arms. She smirked and looked at her once best friend.

"I am Lisa Opal Moore, and I am Luna of the Onyx fire pack. You are in my territory, so I suggest you learn respect. You may be a Luna but I still out rank you. So I advise you shut the fuck up and do as told." Lisa commanded in her athoritive Luna voice. It was so devine to see Rebecca lower her head in submission.

" Now if you want to know about your sister, then you must ask with respect. Not yell like a spoiled brat" with that Lisa turned and went into the house.

Going to the stairs, she sat halfway to the top. She knew that this visit would try her sanity, but for now it completey pissed her off. So she decided to check on her babies for now.


Ohhhh! Shut down, put her lock, and call that girl lame. Talk about embarrassing.. He he.

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