Lisa's POV

"If you don't sit your arse down, you'll regret it!" Ian fummed.

Lisa just rolled her eyes and kept picking berries. Ian has become so dotting in the last five months. He didn't want her to 'overwork' herself. Ugh.

"Papa bear go sit down. Or better yet go work your frustration out." She giggled.

" hmm" he looked mad then smirked. " I guess you still didn't want to go shopping, huh!"

She gasped. That man thinks he's slick. He knew damn well she wanted to go shopping. Walking in the house she put the basket on the counter.

Going up stairs into her bathroom she be gain to strip. Grabbing her winterberry body wash she scrubbed all the dirt from her body, from working in the garden.

Stepping out she wrapped herself in a fluffy black towl. Finishing her hygiene and prep ritual, she puts on a peach maxi dress with leather gladiator sandals.

She practically ran to the hummer.

"IAANN!! COME ON!" she yelled.

Ian jumped in shaking his head. Laughing he drove to the mall.

Once inside they went shopping for baby cloths. Ian got a sit load of princess shit. Yeah we are having girls. We agreed he can spoil them as long as none of the shit is any shade of pink.

He grabbed mating onsie in dark blue with orange plaid skirting that says 'Daddy's loch ness'. Ugh really dude? He already designed their room to a Scottish princess them.

Woods, a castle and the carpet was green fading to blue. He paid for everything then we went to lane Bryant. She needed a new bra. Her boobs just kept growing. Ian made a joke on the cow print bra.

"Soo if he wear this one you'll produce more milk?" He wiggled his brows. Haha what a goof.

"Oh shush. Speaking of cow let's go eat. I'm craving general tao and lo mein" she rubbed her belly. Her girls were craving it too.

"Fine!! Even though I'm getting a burger. That cow print has me wanting beef" he was such a fatty.

"Arbys!! We have the meats" she laughed.

"Um no lass. Ye know I hate arbys. I'm going to the bistro in the food court."

"Oh daddy you so fancy!" She said in a sleezy Boston accent.

"Har har. You have twenty minutes to meet me at the middle table in the food court. " he said walking off. His food took forever.

Sitting at the table with her food she was still waiting when she heard a familiar voice.


Turning she saw Jacob, gunners beta. Holy... Shit. If he was here gunner must be near. She needed to find Ian and leave. NOW!!

"Luna, where have you been? We looked everywhere for you." He said grabbing her hand.

"What the hell. Leave me alone" she snatched her hand away.

"Luna please come home. Alpha is a wreak. Though he doesn't deserve you." He pleaded.

She tried to get up but couldn't. Damn baby weight. Jacob look at her then his eyes bugged out seeing her stomach.

"You're pregnant?" He sat down and rubbed his face. "Ah hell. How? Who?"

Sighing since she couldn't stand up she told him.

"I've been with a were-bear named Ian  McDunn for the past year and a half. We went to Paris on my birthday and now I'm pregnant with his babies." She finished.

"Were-bear. McDunn. Babies. HOLY FUCK.  You've been so close to us. How have we not found you. Wait. IAN MCDUNN?  He's just as fucking bad as Gunner. Those two are bat shit crazy." He stated looking worried.

"Hey my sexy hoe. Who you talking to?" Came a woman's voice from behind her.

"Hari, its Luna." Her face paled. Just then Ian walked up.

"Who are you two?" He asked setting down his food.

Jacob was about to open his mouth when his phone started ringing. He answered and all you heard were 'yes' and 'OK'. He hung up.

"Sorry but we have to be leaving. Hari let's go. NOW!"  He grabbed his mates hand and he ran.

"He looked familiar. Who was that lass?" Ian asked.

"It was Gunners beta. Ian?" He looked psychotic. She never did say who her mate was.

"We're leaving" he picked her up and walked to the hummer.

On the drive back he didn't say a word. Oh lord.

Gunner's POV

"WHAT!!"  He asked. Martha decided then to walk in and recline on the sofa.

" uh Jacob called and said he found Lisa. She's with McDunn." Lance said.

What ever Martha was drinking it spewed from her mouth and she started coughing.

His mate was with McDunn? He was probably forcing her to stay. Locking her in a room. His poor mate. He would get her back. She was so close. How they missed her. She was just a state away in the mountains. One and a half years.

Looking at Martha he knew he'd have to break the bond with her first. Calling his men he wanted them ready. He was going to get his Lisa.


Ohhh man. This is gonna get messy. Ian and Gunner have a past? Woo.

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