Me: hi guys! Today were going to interview our two hottie's with the god-like bodies. OK guys let's give a warm welcome to Ian and Gunner.

They walk out and take a seat.

Me: hello gentleman.

Ian: Hi D.

Gunner: Hi

Pulls out questions

Me: OK this one is for Gunner. @heyheyshay asks " I kind of wish Ian was her mate. I still don't understand why Gunner would side with that skank over his mate."

Ian blushed. And Gunner just gave him the stink eye and growled.

Gunner: I AM LISA'S MATE. ME!! Don't you dare ever speak of Martha that way. You don't know her.

Me:oh Kay then....another one from @heyheyshay for Gunner. "What's Gunners deal? If Lisa is his mate why doesn't he demand respect for her? That's shady."

Gunner: I don't have patience for mouthy bitches, who like to get in other peoples business.

Me:HEY! Watch your mouth asshat. Am I understood?

He justs grunts and looks away.

Me: OK Ian. Why do you hate "bear" nick names?

Ian: Ugh. Lass it just so annoying. Yes I'm a bear but that does no mean I fall into ever bear stereotype.

Gunner: Look at the bears. Look at the bears. Look at the bears.

Gunner bursts out laughing and Ian just rolls his eyes.

Ian: oh yogi bear. How original. Good thing you have a sense of humor because there is nothing else I can see a woman wanting you for.

Me: Guys let's ge-

Gunner: At least I have a mate.

Ian started to shake then just smirked

Ian: Yeah and where is your mate hmm? Oh right she's sleeping under my roof.  Oh and just an FYI. Lisa looks device when she dances on the river rocks...naked.


Me: hey. Hey. No. Stop.

Gunner throws his self at Ian. They start fighting. Destroying the table and chairs.

Me: ugh. Well I guess this interview is over. And I had more questions. Well thanks for sticking around you guys. Until next time.


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