Lisa's POV

"Ian.... Boy you better stop ignoring me!"

"Lass please do me a favor and shut up."

She gasped. He never snapped at her before. Now he was pacing the house angry as a fucking behive that was shaken on a rainy day. She turned back up the stairs and left Ian to his own self.

Sitting in the massage chair in the nursery she rubbed her stomach.

"Hey my cuties. Mommy loves you. Don't mind daddy he's just being fussy. Maybe he's hungry" at that moment her stomach growled. "I guess you gals are too" she giggled and made her way to the kitchen. She got tired on the way. This house was fucking huge.

In the kitchen she pulled out some leftover tamales, lettuce, salsa, and sour cream.  She went to the cabinet to get a plate, but her bump wouldn't allow that.  A large hand reached pass her and grabbed two plated.

"Listen. I'm sorry. I should have no snapped at you, I did it out of fear and anger" he pulled her into a hug. She felt tingles where their skin touched. Weird. Though she couldn't stay mad at him long.

"What could possibly scare you?" She asked while making them plates.

"I know you feel the pull love. I've been trying to give you space, but my patience is wearing. Then Gunner is after you. YOU'RE MY MATE!! MINE!!  He can't cone near my mate and family. " Ian said placing is head in the crook of her neck.

"I-i feel the same baby." She said as years slipped from her eyes. They kissed passionately. They placed their foreheads together.

"Do you hear that?" He asked with a serious look.

Tilting her head she listened. Howls? Then her eyes widened. Wolves. Lots of them. They were getting closer.

"Love I need ye to go hide. Go in m-" he was cut off by a familiar booming voice.

"McDunn!!! Give me back my mate. I have every right to kill you. So come out and make it easy on yourself." Gunner yelled.

Ian was furious. His eyes were completely black. He stormed out the house. Lisa waddled behind. Gunners eyes were exactly like Ian's. They circled each other growling.

"She's mine. I found her first." Gunner growled.

"Well I mated her and she's having my cubs. Mad bitch?" Ian smirked. Gunners head whipped to lisa's direction on the poarch. He grew livid at seeing her swollen belly.

"ILL KILL YOU!!!"  Gunner shifted and tackled Ian. Ian then shifted and knocked gunner off of him. They started fighting, tearing into each other.

"Stop it you two." She screamed. She was feeling very dizzy gripping the rail. Looking up she saw a car pull up. I giant man with black hair thay had grey swirling through it, stepped out he was wearing a armani suit. Two beautiful women got out after him. The girls looked alike except one was older with light brown hair and the younger one had black hair.

The man took off his jacket and handed it to the older woman. She noticed all the wolves bowing as he walked by. Walking up to Ian and Gunner he grabbed them by their scruffs and shook them. Then he smashed their heads together.

They sifted back and looked at the man in fear and horror.

"Dad?!?" They both said at the same time.

Whoa what? That was it. She needed to lie down.  That's what she planned rather. More like she collapsed on the porch. Gunner and Ian's head snapped in her direction.

"LISA!!" they both shouted running I. Her direction as she passed out.


Ohh...didn't see that coming. Their brothers? Mmm Ian and Gunner. Yummy. Oops. Sorry. Had my pervert moment.

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