Gunners POV

"Martha where is Colin?" he asked as Martha sat on his bed painting her nails. She looked up at him with a blank look.

"Uhh... I think he's in his room. Mena i think her name is,should be with him, darling" She turned back to her nails

Shaking his head he left his room. Walking down the hall he entered the door on his right. Inside NORA was changing Colin's diaper and giving him a bottle. She looked up then lowered her head.

"Alpha." She said meekly

"Nora. How is my son?" Gunner asked rubbing the child's hair.

"Alpha. Colin is a very healthy baby for three months. He is even starting to try to crawl." She smiled at the child.

"That's good." He said straightening hisself and leaving the nursery.

He can still remember the night Colin was conceived and how he mistakenly marked Martha.

He started drinking heavily one night when the search for Lisa was coming up dead ends. Martha started doing shots with him to keep him company and to try to cheer him up. They started joking like old times and that lead to making out then rolling into his bed.

Right before he was ready to burst an image of Lisa popped in his head. Being drunk as hell he thought Martha was Lisa. He marked her as his mate. That was eleven months ago. Colin was conceived that night.

Sighing he sat in his office chair and looked at all the paperwork. Sometimes being an alpha just really sucked balls.

Closing his eyes his thoughts traveled back to Lisa. Wondering where she could be, if she was health, if she was happy. His chest always hurts when it involves his missing mate. He felt empty without her.

"Alpha." a voiced called.

Looking up it was his beta. He seemed rather uncaring lately. Hmm. "What have you brought me?"

"The sparrow hawk pack has decided to come under your command. After the death of Alpha Little horn."

"Holy hell. When did that old bastard kick the bucket?" he asked

"Alpha he's younger than you, and three months ago"

Oh. Makes sense he didn't know. His son was just coming into the world. Oh well. Now he had some of the best healers and gathers as an addition to his pack.

"Will that be all alpha?" he asked.

"Yes. Oh are you still planing to go to your mate's sister's wedding in five months?"

"Yes alpha, there seems to be no way out of it. Hari and Haiti would beat me. I'd rather not get on either of their bad sides." He said then left.

Hari and Haiti were crazy. Those two could kick ass. That was one pair of sisters you didn't want against you.

Shaking his head he pushed aside the thoughts of his mate and buried his self in his work.

Lisa's POV

"Ian, I want a baby" she stated.

Ian's eyes bugged out and his mouth hung open like a fish.

"What the bloody hell lass?! A baby? A. Baby?" he sat up and grabbed her arms. "No Lisa. I can no give you a baby"

"Ian why not? You said anything!" she felt hurt.

"Lass it is not to be taken lightly bringing a child into this world. What would cause you to even ask me this?" he was confused.

"Ian. We are best friends. This is not something I'm taking lightly. I have been wanting a baby for months." She grabbed his face and looked into his eyes. "The child would have two loving parents. Ian. Please."

"Ugh!" he yelled

He tossed her onto her back and crushed his lips to hers. Gripping her hair. They kissed passionately then Ian ripped the shirt she was sleeping in.

He groan seeing that's the ONLY thing she wore. He kisses her jaw, moving down her neck to her collar bone. He was leaving burning heat in each kisses wake.

Rubbing her nipples he palmed the left and sucked the right. Lisa arched her back grabbing his hair moaning.

"Oh Ian please. ahhh" she cried. He bite the left nipple while he tweaked the right with his thumb and forefinger.

He moved lower dipping his tongue into her belly button. His hand roamed between her legs and probed her sopping wet slit.

"Mmm. Love you're so wet, and ye smell heavenly. I bet ye taste heavenly as well " he said pushing a thick finger into her opening, letting his thumb rub firm circles on her button.

"Mm oh yes Ian more." she begged.

Lowering his head he lapped at her honeypot. He added another finger and started thrusting in and out.

She pushed his head down and moaned like a bitch in heat. He pulled his fingers out and replaced them with his very skilled tongue.

She was close. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head and arched her back grinding herself into his hungry mouth.

"Oh yes. A man could get addicted to this. Mmm" he let purred against her core. That pushed her over the edge.

"Oh oh Oh! IM CUMING!" she screamed as clamped her legs around Ian's head. She had to push him away.

Laying on his back he pulled Lisa on top.

"Ride me. This way you have most of the control." Looking down she stared in horror. No way was that monster gonna fit. It would rip her apart. The head rested mid way between his pecs and belly button and was just as thick. It was angry and the head was a slight purplish color. Holy fuck. She never looked closely before but Ian had a Jacobs ladder.

"It will fit. You're wet enough. Hell you damn near drowned me." He winked. Pulling her to her knees, he positioned his arousal. "Slowly lower yourself"

She did as he said. Inch by decadent inch he filled her. Halfway through she felt like she couldn't fit anymore.

"We have to break it sweetheart. I promise you will fill pleasure after." He kissed her and grabbed her hips. He shoved through. It hurt, but then Ian started bouncing her and rubbing her clit. The pain faded into pleasure.

She got into it the rhythm of it and started to grind then buck on him.

"Mmm Fuuucck yes!! Ride me. Ride my hungry cock." He groaned. Ian wanted to be on top so he flipped her on to her back and dove in. They both moaned.

He started pounding into her and she tried to meet him thrust for thrust.

"Oh yeah. Oh yeah. More. Harder. Faster." Her nails dug in and clawed his back. She was close. Ian picked up the pace and pounded her furiously.

"Cum for me love!" he he growled in her ear. Lisa fell over the edge again. It felt like a white hot light building inside her only to combust. Igniting all in its path. Ian thrusters three more times and came inside of her. His seed coated her womb.

Ian collapsed on her. They were out of breath. Lisa let out a yawn and Ian chuckled. "Get some sleep. Well talk in the morning."

With that she fell asleep with Ian wrapped around her.


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