Ian's POV

They were both her mate. What. The. Hell? How was it possible? Looking at his father giving him and Bishop a death glare. He could still remember how they because the oh so perfect family.

They were both ten. Bishops dad found him and his mother in the woods. His mom was so enthralled by the were wolf that they knew they were mates. They both lead packs. Mom had a group of bear warriors and dad had the biggest pack in north America. Ian hated his dad at first, he didn't like his mom in a relationship. Gunner felt the same way. They would hunt together, fight together, and even share their women. When he and bishop were taking over the packs, they found out they were to be graced with a sister.

Needless to say once she was born she had them all wrapped around her little finger. Then they started having problems with rogues. Gunner more than he did. They were raping women, killing babies and burning down houses.

One night a rogue snuck into the family home and kidnapped their sister and mother. Mom nearly died and their sister was rapped. He, Bishop, and their father became mean and bitter after that.

They ruled with iron fists. Though Ian and Gunner became very dark. They spared no one. They killed all strays, potential threats. They mad all fear them.

Years later Ian found Janice and he fell in love. A year after that they had a beautiful little girl named Alli. Ian gave up his hatred, so it wouldn't taint his girls. Seven years they lived happily.  Until one night he came home and found his mate and daughter's bodies torn apart. He screamed, burned the house down and lost his self in madness.

He roamed as a bear for over two years. Then one day he went home and rebuilt. One night he went to a diner and tried to think where to go from there. That's when he smelt her. His mate. He thought life was fucking him. Instead he got a second Chance. He got his fiesty Lisa.

"Ugh" came a moan from on the coach.

Lisa's POV

Her head was spinning. She just wanted it to stop. She felt someone rubbing her hair. Opening her eyes she was greater by the yonger dark haired girl.

"Hi. I'm holly. And those are my parents Vincent and Madelyn. You already know the morons. Its nice to meet you Lisa. " holly said talking a mile a minute.

"Ugh hi" she said trying to sit up. Gunner rushed to her and propped her up with pillows. "Thank you Gunner" she gave a small smile.

She was also feeling queazy. The babies were rebelling due to stress. Ian left to get her sine Canada dry ginger ale and butter cookies. "Thank you Ian" she blushed.

They both were smiling at her rubbing her swollen feet. She sighed and relaxed into their hands.

"Aww our baby" Ian and Gunner at the same time. They looked at each other turned and blushed.

Their dad and sister laughed making whipping noises. Madelyn kissed their cheeks.

"Awe my babies are back and still adorable little men" she cooed. "Now I can baby you to instead of just daddy" she winked at her husband.

"Ma!" They said at the same time as Vincent yelled "WOMAN!!"

Holly ewwed and Lisa laughed her ass off. At least they weren't trying to kill each other.....for now.


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