Gunners POV

"Martha how is your head?" he asked looking at the bandage around her head.

"Oh it feels better darling. I will have the stitches removed today. Thank you for caring" she purred, placing her hand on top of his.

He and Martha have been friends for years and even shared each others bed. She was harmless, sweet. He can't understand how his mate couldn't like her, let alone harm her.

Speaking of mates. She said she was going for a run. Hmm. He didn't trust that. He mind linked his delta and told him to follow her. Turning back to Martha he gentle squeezed her hand.

"I will always care" he stoked her cheek. She leaned in and smiled lovingly at him. He returned with one of his own. They stayed like that.

Little did he know, that his beta saw the whole loving display, and shook his head in disgust and walked away.

>Two hours later<

Gunner was getting antsy. His mate has been gone way too long. Linking his beta and delta. He asked where his mate was.

"Umm...A-alpha..we can't find her." his delta said quietly.

Had he misheard him? That no one could find his mate. No he hadn't. He grew livid and trashed his office.

"What the hell do you mean YOU CAN'T FUCKING FIND HER!!!" he screamed.

"She is no longer in our territory. I have trackers out to find her." His beta said in a deadpan voice. His wolf was going insane.

"I'm going to demolish that ass when I find her" he growled

Lisa's POV

"Mmm" Lisa moaned as she woke from a peace from a peaceful sleep. Looked around her and noticed she was in a bedroom. In a giant shirt, that she didn't remember putting on.

Getting up she smelled food. Following her nose she found Ian cooking in the kitchen. He was sporting pajama pants and nothing else. Hmm she was getting a feeling of déjà vu.

"Good morning lass. I made breakfast hungry" he said in his rough Scottish accent.

"Yes thank you. Also why am I not wearing what I was yesterday hmm?" she sat down raising her eye brow

"You're cloths were wet. I put you in one of my shirts. I slept on the couch. Yes the one in the room" he handed her a plate full of food. "And now I'm feeding ye, little one" he sat down as well.

"Why do you call me that? I'm not little." She asked. The pancakes were so good, definitely with honey.

"Well you are smaller than me" understatement he was huge "so ye are a little one."

Man she got full quick. He was on his third plate. Damn, that man can eat, it was kinda sexy.

"Ok. Le me ask you something"

"G'head" he said with bacon in his mouth

"Why are you a superhero for damsels in distress?"

He sighed and pushed his plate away. "My wife and daughter were killed two years ago. I was not quick enough to save them. I vowed to her I would alway help a woman in need." He looked up at her with sad eyes.

"I'm sorry." She touched his hand. "Looks like we both been dealt shitty cards. " He cupped her cheek and smiled. Lisa felt like this was a bit too much for her. Ian laughed.

"I'm not attracted to you. I mean yes you're beautiful and have a body like a porn star. But the way I feel towards you is like a little sister. I know we've only know each other for a couple of hours but. You feel like family" he smiled.

"I feel the same. It's finally great to have an older sibling. I don't feel so alone now." She was tearing up.

Grabbing the plates they washed the dishes in a comfortable silence.

"Hey I need to go for a run. I need to shake my fur out." She said heading to the back door. His home was in the mountains surrounded by thick woods.

"Ok sis." He said. They walked outside and stripped.

Lisa glanced over at Ian in mid change. He came out as a giant ass black bear. He walked over, stood on his hind legs and patted her head. Bastard. She was tall for a girl and he towered nearly seven and a half to eight feet tall.

"Stop showing of .....doofus." She giggled. Changing into her wolf she took off running with Ian on her tail.

They ran through the trees, sniffed bunny tracks and decided to catch lunch from the river.

Ian waded into the water. He stared into it and then swiped his mighty paw through the water. A fish popped up and he caught it. Looking back he tossed it to Lisa. He kept at it until there was enough fish for the both of them. Lisa had even collected some apples and wood.

Changing back to their human forms they cooked the fish and apples.

"Mmmm. my god dude you can cook!!" she closed her eyes enjoying the grilled fish.

"You are welcome sweetheart. Now I noticed when I first rescued you, you have a very strong male scent on you. Do you have a mate? And if so why are you no with him?" he inquired, taking a bit of the fish.

"My 'mate' is an asshole. He chose to side with his ex-whore, over me. I would smell her in the house, guess I know why now. He's been inviting her in every morning. I know we've only been 'together' for a week but I'm his mate. Aren't I suppose to come before all other? I thought that's how it works?" she was tearing up.

"Come here lass" she crawled over to Ian and hugged him crying into his chest. "I have no problem doing it, but it should be your mate comforting you, no I. You can stay with me, until ye mate gets his head out of his arse." He rubbed her back kissing the top of her head.

While she started to calm down he reached over and ate the rest of her food.

"Did you just eat my food?" she said in mock anger.

"I'm a growing lad, lass. Ye would have me starve?" they both laughed. "Come on by the time we get back it'll be dinner time. Plus we need to set you up a room. "

They threw water on the fire and walked back home.


OMG she has a big bro protector. Mmm were-bear. Gunner you're lucky Ian is sweet. Or he'd be mister steal yo girl.

Ok I've been trying with this chapter and I had to rewrite, because Ian being originally Russian and a mob boss was a bit much. So yeah.

I've been working in the next chapter of "Milk and Brownies" so expect that soon.

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