Lisa's POV
She felt like she was shocked by electricity. Like her body was trying to shake itself free of the darkness that held her in its iron grip. A light came and it started to shine brighter and brighter.

"Come on baby. Come back to us."

That voice it was so familiar. She craved the deep raspy sound of the voice. She felt her heart tug with each word spoken. Yearning to please the voice she full forced lept into the light.

The bright light evened out to gentle rays of light coming through the window. Water gently fell on her face. Blinking she tried to focus on her surroundings. The room she was in became clear. Her bedroom.

The water droplets caused her to focus on their source. The droplets fell from Bishops eyes. That was the source of the voice.

The yearning for her mates was deafening. Reaching up she wiped the tears away from his beautiful face. Frankly no matter what kind of pain she was in, nothing compared to seeing her strong mate cry. It felt like the world was collapsing and you had no power to stop it.

"Oh baby. Oh God, thank you." He engulfed her into his powerful arms, as he tried to stop sobbing. Pulling back he smiled and covered her ears.

His mouth opened and stretched, you could tell he was yelling. He removed his hands in time for her to hear extremely heavy foot falls. A giant body came crashing through the door.


"My lovely lass. Och we've missed you." He hiccuped placing kisses on her face.

"Please don't cry. I can't bare to see you two cry. Now are you going to catch me up on what happened?" She kissed their palms.

"You two couldn't have waited till I woke up to punish the fucker!!" She flopped back on the bed.

"Sweetie you were in a coma for three months. There is no reason to have waited. We couldn't stand him to live a minute longer." Bishop stated.

"Yeah but come on, two are some twisted jokers. To have him drawn and quarted over a fire pit.." She pouted.

"Och the fun part was when your our mothers came out with water guns filled with gasoline. Now those two are a force to be reckoned with." Ian laughed.

"Ok fine. Just wish I could have been there." She mumbled.

"We have it on camera." Bishop have this sinister smirk.

"And what is this I hear about my uncle trying to get with my mother?" She questioned.

"Well he is your father's ADOPTED brother, and from what I was told. They both loved her, but your uncle had to go out on some mission. And when he returned your father had mated your mom." Bishop said.

"Kinda like you two dorks." She giggled.

"Hey what's wrong with two brothers loving the same woman. Putting her needs and desires first. Two of us to protect you and our cubs. It's not wrong, it feels perfect to me." Ian kissed her.

Yep she felt it was perfect as well. She loved them and they loved her.

"Hey guys?"

"Yes?" They both looked expectantly at her, as if she was going to share the secrets of the universe.

"I have to pee." She smiled.

Bishop doubled over laughing as Ian grabbed her and carried her to the bathroom.

It was loud. The cold damp weather bit into her skin. While heat from the firepit quickly chased the cold away.
Everyone was outside laughing and dancing. They were celebrating their lunas health and the strength of the pack.

The smell of grilled meats, mashed potatoes, corn, baked beans, chocolate cake, rasberry tarts, and honey bread wafted through the air dancing with the scent of the sweet smoky burning wood.

It was love, family, and happiness wrapped up in comforting smell. There was no place she'd rather be then there. Starting into the fire she let her body relax and her mind go blank.

A blanket was drapped across her shoulders, and she looked up to she her brother give her a wink and walk off.

"Funny. Isn't it? I always wanted this type of life for you but I never got the chance to give it to you. But look at you now. Surrounded by family. I'm so proud of you baby." Came a soft voice.

Looking up at the wafting smoke she saw her father. He winked and dissapered. Lisa sniffles and wiped away a stray tear.

"You ok lass" Ian sat down beside her holding Colin. Reaching over she took him from Ian. He looked up at her with wonder filled eyes. Like a dark sky light with shooting stars. He placed his little chubby hand on her cheek.

Leaning in she gave him a kiss, then kissed every scar. She would protect him. Her first born. It didn't matter that they didn't share blood, he was hers and she would never let go.

Gunner walked over and dropped in of the girls in Ians lap, while he held the other. Her brother came to sit with them, then her mother and uncle joined the circle.

One family. One heart. Forever united.

"Mommy!!" A small voice yet powerful voice yelled. It got quite. Looking down at Colin who had just spoken his first words. Everyone erupted into 'awws' and 'He will be a powerful alpha '

She just hugged him tighter. His little hand waved in the air, to what drew his attention. Looking up everyone saw. One by one starces fluttered across the sky creating a beautiful light show.

Yeah this is where she was always meant to be.

The END!!!

yeah I know this was a long time in the waiting. And you are probably crying on the floor now that it's over. I'm not sure yet but I may write a short story from Colin's POV.

I plan on finishing the other stories. I have not forgotten about you all. Thank you for supporting me through this story.

Your messages really get me through. I cried writing this last chapter.

Where one story ends another begins.

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