Gunners POV

Taking another bite of the egg roll, it was hilarious to hear her angry screams. His beta and delta just look at him as if he finally lost it. He couldn't help himself though. His mate was just to cute.

'You're damn straight she is, but she would look cuter if she were under us screaming our name' his wolf howled

Agreeing with his wolf he walked to the hole in the back of the barn. Set out to get his mate. Coming through he saw her dangling from the deck trying to get down. Smirking he walked up to her and grabbed her flailing legs.

Her ass was level with his face. A wicked smirk came on his face as he licked his lips. When a man is taunted and teased with a treat like this, how can he NOT resist? Looking at her big plump juicy ass, he leaned closer and bit her on the right cheek. He just couldn't wait until she was naked to do it again.

She started screaming at him "Ow ow OWEE! Stop biting me!!!" she let go of the ledge, but lucky for her, he caught her. Though he dropped the food. "Y-you dropped my FOOD!!" she hollered "I've been starving, and you drop my food?" she starts wiggling around in his arms only to stop when she see's the dark look on his face.

'Our mate has been starving?' his wolf started growling

"Starving?" he whispered quietly. His mate turned her head away from him. Grabbing her chin, he made her face him. He gently kissed her, causing her to whimper. "I will feed you mate." turning he walked back to his house with is mate in his arms. She was still wearing his coat. God he loved his scent all over her body. It made him hungry too, but for something else.

'Feed our mate first, then we feed!' his wolf scolded him. Hmph. As if he were a child. He knew his mate always comes first before anything else.

Walking into the house he set her on a stool, grabbed pots and pans, then began taking out the food he needed.

Lisa's POV

She sat and watched as he took out two steaks and started lightly seasoned them with salt and pepper. He left the meat to the side as he began peeling and chopping potatoes. He put the cubed potatoes into a pot and let them boil. He stuck the meat into the oven under the broiler. He pulled carrots, onions, banana peppers, tomatoes, and spinach out the fridge. She watched as his fingers gracefully sliced all the veggies and made a killer salad. Turning back he pulled the steaks from the oven. The smell of all the food was making her salivate.

Pouring the water off the potato, which were now super soft, she watched the muscles in his arms and back move and flex as he stirred the mashed potatoes. He added, butter, cream and sharp Irish cheddar. He made their plates and set her's down in front of her.

She immediately dove into the food. The steak was tender and juicy, the mashed potatoes were extremely creamy, and the salad was super flavorful. Sexy and can cook. Hmm she may just keep him. He chuckled at her as she devoured her food. Getting up from the counter, he opened the fridge.

"Ok what would you like to drink?" he asked

Swallowing the food in her mouth. "What do you have?"

"There's beer, wine coolers, milk, soda, OJ, AJ, and water." he rambled off.

"Hmm I'm under age so the first two are a no. So ill take some OJ!" she bounced in her seat.

"Ok" he laughed. He had a nice laugh it was deep and raspy like his voice. Yummy. He set down her glass of OJ while he drank and angry apple orchard beer.

While they ate she took the chance to really look at him. He was tall around 6'9. He was thick with muscle. His black hair was messy as if he'd been running his fingers through it. His blue eyes had small flecks of gold in them. His lips were slightly pouty. He had big rough hands. He reminded her of a big bear. The thought totally turned her on. Looking at his neck she noticed a deep scar running from behind his ear and disappearing beneath his shirt.

How did that happen? Who would dare hurt her mate. Her mate. Her poor baby. Who ever did this would know her wrath. She heard growling and turned to see his face right in front of her's and his eyes wide open. She was the one growling! looking down she somehow climbed in his lap and was tracing the scar. Her cheeks were stained red, how embarrassing! He laughed which just made her blush more, and pecked her lips.

Picking her up he carried her to the couch and sat her on his lap. "Ok beautiful. Tell me about yourself" he said. She felt confused. She was angry and him earlier but now she felt, she home in his arms.

"Umm ok. My name is Lisa Opal Moore. I am 19 years old. My favorite color is violet. Favorite food is grilled blu cheese. I have no pack." She saw and angry look on his face.

"Why not?" he snapped

"I- I um er.." she mumbled and looked down. Remembering the pain from a year He kissed the top of her head and muttered an apology.

"Forgive me, my heart. Please tell me why you had no pack." She sighed, looked him in the eyes and told him everything. She looked at all the different emotions play behind his eyes.

"- and that's how I ended up here. Exactly a year later." She finished feeling exhausted.

"If I ever see that little shit ill rip him open and feed him his own innards" he snarled. That made her giggle

"Well hot stuff, get in line." she giggled

'Mmm killing as a couple. Sounds fan-fucking-tastic to me!' his wolf stated happily.

"Now you have to tell me about you" she yawned

'Aww still sexy even when tired. My baby' his wolf cooed.

"I am Alpha Bishop Quinn Gunner. I am 826 years old." Her eyes snapped open. Yeah he was one of the ancients. "My favorite color is teal. My favorite food is smoked salmon" she snickered at that. Yep he even sounds like a bear. "And I am the Alpha of the Onyx Fire pack. With the edition of my Luna Lisa. " He notices she was basically sleep.

Taking her up stairs he took off all of her clothing and tossed the tattered rags in the garbage. Stripping down he laid next to his mate wrapping his body around her protectively.

"Good night baby, and happy birthday" he said as he fell asleep with his mate finally in his arms.

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