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'Damn it!' Lisa thought as her legs grew tired from running. ' Why me?!' She huffed, finally stumbling comming to rest against a thick tree. Sliding down until she sat against the trunk. She relflected on how everything happened which caused her to be running in the first place.


"I can't believe I'm finaly eightteen today", she giggled as she put her toffee colored mane up in a messy bun and looked at herself in the full length mirror. She was roughly five-nine with an hour glass shape, from her 48DD's down to her size 18 jean-clad hips. She had creamy latte skin ,a round heart shaped face, button nose, and mocha brown almond shapped eyes. She smiled confidently into the mirror, because today was the day she was going to profess her love to her best friend and Alpha.

Antoni Westfield.

Hearing a horn beep she looked out her bedroom window to see her bestie Becca - her full name was Rebecca but her and antoni just called her by her nickname - sitting in her bright yellow convertable telling Lisa to hurry up. All three of them have been friends since they were little. Toni's and Lisa's parents have been friends for years. Lisa's dad was once the old apha's beta, but he died eight years ago in an attack. Then Rebecca's dad took over as beta. Running down the stairs with her backpack slung over her shoulder she kissed her mom goodbye and ran outside jumping in the car with Becca.

"Woo, OMG, I'm so happy", Lisa screeched, throwing her hands up.

"I know darlin' now you are a 'TRUE' adult" she giggled, pulling her shades down. "Congrates!"

"Thanks. Though I'm mainly excited to tell Toni how I finally feel.", she sighed closing her eyes picturing their lives together, " I'll tell him at my party tonight. Ohh Becca, Won't we be the most perfect couple?"

"Yea-", becca said giving her a tight smile as she parked in front of the school

Getting out they saw Toni and ran up and hugged him. Putting his arms around their waists, he kissed their cheeks causing both girls to blush and giggle. Toni was 6'2 with dirty blonde hair and chocolate brown eyes. He was trim like a soccer player and his wolf was sunny blonde like it was made from sun rays.

"Hey Toni's angels" , he said causing both of them to burst ot laughing." And happy birthday Lisa, me and becca have a suprise for you later." He smiled and becca smirked .

'The hell was that' she thougt. Getting back to Toni she turned to him and smiled

"I also have a suprise for you, but it will also be later" she giggled.

"Well let's get through this day, because I can't wait to give you your suprise" , becca said while sharig a smile with Toni


The party was held at the pack community rec- center. There were violet and ivory ballons, techno lights, food, games, and 'Happy' was playing through the speakers. So far everything was going perfect. She even bought a purple backless tutu dress - that had ruffles from her waist till three inches above her knees - and ivory sandles. Turning she saw her mother chatting with Luna mary. Someone cleared their throat causing everyone to turn towards the stage. Alpha Dominic smiled and began to address the crowd.

"We are here to celebrate the birthday of a very special girl", he turned towards me and raised his glass "Lisa Moore. Happy birthday my dear, I know your father would be proud of the woman you are becoming". That caused Lisa to tear up and the crowd to aww. " Now I welcome your current Alpha, my son Toni, up to announce his suprise to the birthday girl ." He slapped his son on the back and left the stage. Toni glared a lisa but then slowly started to smile.

"Lisa! You are now fully an adult. That is why I Alpha Antoni and my mate-" he said holding out his hand for ....Rebecca?!?! She bumped/pushed Lisa out of the way mumbling ' fat black bitch' as she made her way to the stage, where she kissed Toni! " -Your luna Rebecca WESTFIELD, EXILE you Lisa Moore from the west wind pack!!!!!"

Lisa felt like she was slapped in the face, but in reality what just happened was much worse. Looking over she saw her mother and luna mary crying, while Alpha dominic was growling at his son.

"You have until sunrise be out of our pack territory" Rebecca said while tossing her platinum blonde hair over her shoulder, smirking at Lisa

Lisa felt the tears pool and then overflow from her eyes. She looked and them and thought they were her friends. Why did this happen to her. She grabbed a bowl of chili off of a nearby table and tossed it on them hoping it ruined their matching white outfits. She heard Rebecca scream bloody murder as she ran out the building and to her house.

Tossing off the dress and sandles she pulled on a pair of black leggings, a blue flannel lumberjack shirt and her blue jordans. She grabbed a bag and tossed her ipod, tablet and all her important documents in. Running downstairs she left her mother a note , saying she loved her. Liza opened her back door sprinting into the woods away from her home.

End of flasback

Placing her head in her hands she huffed out a breath

"My life can not possible get any worse" she said looking up at the gloomy sky as snow started to fall. She groaned while getting to her feet, wishing she had warmer clothing. Just then she heard a vicious growl from the right. Her head whipped to the side to see the largest werewolf she has ever seen. Pure black fur with firery red eyes.

"Spoke too soon" she mumbled as the wolf begain to approch.


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