Lisa's POV

She was dying. She knew it. Something was crushing her. She could barely get any air to her lungs.

Lisa's eyes popped open and she looked down at a very nude Gunner, cradled between her legs. His head was nestled on her chest, with his arms around her waist.

Lisa let her head fall back against the pillows. Sighing, then realizing it was a bad idea to let out the rest of the air from her lungs.

She looked at her hands, commanding her claws to grow. She then sunk said claws deep into Gunners back. It was hilarious yet cute how he yelped, jumped clean out of the bed, and landed on his feet. Looking around.

"What's wrong? Are you ok?" he moved towards the bed making sure she was ok.

She just giggled. The movement caused her breast to jiggle.

Which of course caught Gunners undivided attention.

His tongue swiped his bottom lip, as he crawled back into bed. He grabbed her waist and layers his head back down on her chest

Gunner's tongue snaked out to lick the nipple closest to his mouth. Letting out a sigh he started to doze off.


'Let our mate sleep. Besides he looks so adorable in the early morning rays' her cooed

He did look so cute while sleeping. Giving in she stoked his hair and watched him sleep peacefully.

> 1 hour later<

Lisa jerked awake to the sound of '3005 by childish Gambino' playing, her alarm and someone knocking on the door.

Getting up she pulled on one of Gunner shirts. It covered her but sadly still left cheek showing.

Opening the bedroom door she saw a gorgeous redhead, with big green eyes. Thought the face she was making was one of disgust when she saw Lisa. The woman pushed past her and walked into the room. Turning around she looked Lisa up and down.

"Who the hell are you bitch?" the redhead sneered

"I can ask the same question. Though who you're calling a bitch I have yet to figure out" Lisa was already not liking this chick.

"I'm Martha, you're a fat ass black bitch, and what the hell are you doing in my mates room!" she spat.

'Ooh hell no. Time to fuck people up!' Lisa's wolf growled

***•*** A/N Ok I wrote this whole fight scene to "Deep Cover" by dr. dre ft snoop dogg***•***

Without thinking she punched Martha in the nose causing her to howl angrily.

"You bitch!! You broke my nose" she tackled Lisa. They rolled out the door and landed by the stairs. Martha stood up but Lisa street sweeped her and they both tumbled down the stairs.

Lisa jumped on top of her and started dealing rapid punches to Martha's face.

Martha's hand swung out clawing her across the face. Causing her to fall to her back. Martha picked up a vase about to smash it on Lisa's head.

She kicked Martha in the stomach causing her to drop the vase and double over. Lisa caught the vase raising it in the air.

"What the FUCK is going on?!" Gunner shouted. Both girls froze.

"Alpha, baby. This bitch started it!!" Martha wheezed. With that last insult Lisa smashed the vase on her head. Martha fell to the floor in a heap.

Gunners beta and delta hissed and said "damn" under their breaths. Turning Lisa headed back up the stairs.

There was quite a bit of blood everywhere.

Walking into the bathroom she looked at her face. Her lip was busted, deep bloody claw marks ran from one cheek over her nose to her right temple. Her left eyelid was split. She became livid, and punched the mirror feeling a bit satisfied. At least until she looked at her bloody hand.

Grabbing her phone she put in her earbuds and reclined against the headboard. She didn't care to bandage her face, plus she didn't see a first aid kit.

She listened to 'Doctor by eminem ft dr. dre'. Singing along to Dre's part.

"It literally feels like a life time ago

I remember that shit like it was just yesterday though

Jumped in yellow jumpsuit

Poor little crack jokes

Once you got inside the booth

Told you, mike smoke

Went thro-" someone snatched out her earbuds.

Looking up she saw a furious Gunner with and older woman standing behind him smiling.

"You're really pissing me off" he spat.

That caused her eyes to go wide. Then she got pissed at him.

"Fuck you! Your slut came barging in here and fucked up my FACE!!" she screamed the last word.

"Watch your fucking tone" he growled.

She was getting real sick of people bossing her around and hurting her.

"Ok you two calm down. Alpha I will take care of the Luna" the old woman said calmly. Gunner growled and walked out.

"Hi Luna. I'm Sofia the pack doctor." She smiled. She could tell she was going to get along with her.


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