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Gunner's POV

The pounding in his head was back. Sometimes being alpha just fucking sucked! Not only that but rogues were sited on his fucking land again. Little bastards just keep coming and its really pissing him off. Closing his eyes he sighed and mind linked his beta Logan. "Ok what is the status on the rogues Logan?" Gunner asked.

"We have found traces of rogues on the east and north. I am leading a team to go scout the east to see what we can find",Logan stated

"I'll head to the north and check the perimeter",he said as he stood from his chair.

"Alpha are you sure?" Logan asked "Would it not be wise to take back up?"

"Are you telling me what to do? Cause last I checked I can handle my fucking own", he said as he stripped and headed into the woods. Shifting always felt like a hot ball of energy morphing and forming you into something new, something powerful. "Besides we know who's stonger old friend, last time I checked who's Alpha."

"Har dee har. No offense but Fuck You Alpha!" He said highly insulted

"No. Fuck You" , Gunner chuckled as he heard his beta 'hmph'. He jetted towards the north of his territory, while sniffing the air for unknown scents. He smelled the rogues that were here a week ago, which he already disposed of. He began remarking his territory when the wind shifted and he smelled an unfamiliar wolf. Trotting in the direction he was prepared to face and kill the rogue. Yet getting closer he noticed the scent belonged to a female ' hm female rogue? Not unheard of but not common either.', he thought. It started to snow as he rounded a tree to see a figure in tattered clothing looking up at the sky. He let loose a growl at the intruder and watched as her head whipped around and her eyes go wide at the site of him. That's when her scent hit him. She smelled of caramel and ginger, warm, inviting, and of great nights in bed. She was his mate, a rogue, is his mate! He started to approch the girl growling low as he began to shift back.

"Mate" he growled at her, watching her eyes get even bigger. Cute.

"W-what?" She asked nervously slowly backing away.

"My mate" he said crooking his finger in a 'come here' motion "Mine"

"U-uhh" she stuttered as she glanced around for a way to escape

"Don't run from me" he purred. Guess what she does she runs. Shifting he chases after her, inhaling her delectable scent. She starts to weave through the trees but its no use he knows his territory like the back of his hand. Leaping over fallen trees and sprinting after her, awakens his arousal. He decides to corral her into the clearing infront of his home. It obviously works because she runs through his front door into his house. Changing back he heads through the door and follows her scent up the stairs and into....... his bedroom?!?!

'Ahh she is making this too easy' he thought.

"Hmm I wonder where my little mate has gone? Maybe behind door number three!!" He shouts as he pushes open the door and it slams against the wall. He see his mate huddled by the bed trying not to be seen. Key word TRYING. Prowling to stand directly in front of her, tappinp her on the head.

"Oh fuck me" she whines, but her eyes go huge as she comes face to face with his monster member.

"Oh I plan to my sweet" he growls as he tosses her on the bed and pounces.


Ohh gunner you naughty boy you....*ahem*
Ah well Lisa you're still in a jam or should I rather say between a rock and a soft surface ;)
Hehe ok I'm sorry this was so short but these migraines kick my butt. So Ill try....key work 'TRY' to make the next chapter longer, plus I hate writing on my nook..
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