Chapter twenty two: my fault?

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••matt pov••

I saw DYLAN walk into the restroom ten minutes ago and she hasn't came out. I decided to go check on her. I walked over and knocked on the door.

"Dyaln, you ok in there?" There was no answer.

"DYLAN ARE YOU OK?" I yelled. Still no answer. I turned the knob and it wasn't locked.

I opened the door and saw DYLAN on the floor and a bottle of pills next to her hand. NO! I rush over to DYLAN and lift her to my arms. She can't leave me , she can't.

I start to yell to the guys while crying.

"GUYS, GUYS, COME QUICK ITS DYLAN!!" I yelled as tears ran down my face. I rocked DYLAN in my arms and kept trying to hear if she had a heartbeat. She did but it was faint.

All the boys came running in and saw the scene.

"Someone call 9-1 freaking 1!!!" Cameron yelled rushing over with tears in his eyes. He started to cpr to see if she would come to.

Nothing was working. Nash pulled out and called the ambulance.

"WHY IS THIS HAPPENING?!" I yelled while punching the wall. Instantly blood came gushing out of my knuckles. Crap. Taylor and Carter started to try to get DYLAN up.

The ambulance came running in and took DYLAN into a stretcher.

"AHHHH WHAT HAPPENED MATTHEW?!?" SHAWN yelled. I just began to cry. She can't go. I love her.

"I don't know she went into the restroom and never came out. When I checked on her she was on the floor with pills next to her." I said pacing back and forth.

"Ok only one of you can ride in the ambulance with her." A lady said about 30. We all turned to cameron since he and DYLAN were closer.

We all ran out to our cars and went straight to the hospital. No one talked. No one moved. We all knew with as many pills DYLAN swallowed, she may never wake up.

She can't die. I need her here. I need her to make me smile. I need to hear her laugh. I need to see her. She needs to wake up. She can't be dead! AHHH WHY DOES THIS HAVE TO HAPPEN TO A INNOCENT GIRL?!


Bad chapter I know. I'll update tonight. Love yall and thanks for 779 reads! Byee.


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