Chapter twenty three: gone

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••matts pov••

We pulled into the hospitals parking lot and got. We all ran for the entrance. Taylor got to the front desk before all of us and started talking to the lady.

"What room is DYLAN brow in?!" He yelled. The lady did flinch. She just looked up from her paper and looked at taylor.

"Excuse me?" She said daring him to keep talking.

"I said, where is DYLAN brown?" He said.

She began to type on her computer.

"Room 316." She said glaring.

We all ran to the elevators and started to jab at the buttons. We all crowded into the tiny space and waited for the elevator to take us to 316.
As it got to the third floor we sprinted out and ran down the halls looking for the room.

312...313...314... 316!! We where about to go in the room when a doctor came out.

"I'm Sorry but it seems as if ms.dylan has gone into a coma. She had over 6 pills in her system and it drugged her whole body. You where lucky to get to her quickly.And it seems like she won't be up for a few hours or days. You may go see her but be quiet she is sleeping." She said. All of us had tears running down our faces. We nodded and walked in quietly. I rushed to her side and grabbed her hand.

"Please dyl, wake up. I need you." I cried. I felt someone's hand in my shoulder and I looked up and saw cameron and stood up. He whispered something in her ear and kissed her forehead. Every guy did the same. This was going to be hard. It already seems as if she was gone for years. I miss her.

* weeks after *

••Dylan's pov••

I felt stiff. I tried moving my fingers but couldn't. I tried opening my eyes but they stayed closed.

"Help" I tried to whisper but all that came out was a moan.

What is happening? Why can't I move or talk?

Then the memories came flooding back. Getting that text from the stranger telling me to kill myself, then cutting my wrists and then sealing those pills.

Help me, I want to wake up! tried yelling in my brain. Nothing seemed to work.

I began to feel dizzy. I started to see a light at the end of a tunnel. No! I'm not going to give up! Even though I've been "asleep" for a while I've been able to hear everything the boys have said to me. If what they say are true and they do love me, I'm going to try and pull through. They mean so much to me. I will not die.

I began to stop thinking and just fell asleep into a dreamless sleep.

••matts pov••

We have all been with DYLAN since she's been in the hospital. It's been 2 weeks. I woke up to a beeping noise.

I turned my head and saw DYLAN asleep and her thing that kept track of her heart.

*beep beep* what was that noise? I looked all over the room and my eyes landed on Dylan's heart thing.

^^^^^^----------- ( my lame attempt of a heart beat. Lol ratchet right? )

"NO!!" I began to yell.

The line went dead. NO THIS CANT BE HAPPING.

"GUYS WAKE UP DYLANS LINE! AHHHH NO DYLAN DONT LEAVE!!" I began to tell while the boys woke up. Nash and Carter held me back while cameron ran to find the doctor.

"DYLAN! COME BACK TO ME BABY GIRL! I LOVE YOU!!" I dropped to the floor. My heart felt like it was ripped from my chest. All the boys were in tears but none like mine.

"MAKE HER COME BACK! SHE CANT LEAVE ME I NEED HER!!" I yelled at the doctor.

I fell to the ground I couldn't breathe. My heart felt as if it stopped. The world seemed to stand still. Then it hit me. I'll never see her smile and laugh ever again.

She's ...gone.


Sorry if this was confusing to you. But thanks for 825 reads! This is amazing. I'll update tonight. Love yall.


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