Chapter three: protector?

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••Dylan's pov••

I ran to my phone as I heard my ringtone. Huh. its a blocked number. I answered and waited for the person to talk.

"Hello? Dylan are you there?" Whos voice- no! It can't be.

"️Hey? Is this cameron?"

"Yeah, I was wondering if you wanted to go get some ice cream sometime.. With me..alone with out the guys." He stuttered.

"Um not to be rude but why you've bullied me for 3 years and to you I'm fat,ugly, and not good enough for any one!" I was angry. I know he recognized me at tacobell. But just cuZ I decide to change my appearance makes him want to ask me out. Wow. That's low.

"Look I hate bulling you. I really did but I was forced. Taylor and nash always said that if I didn't do it they would tell my secret to everyone." Yeah right. He never showed any mercy to me at all.

"Oh yeah? Then what's your secret?" I challenged him.

"I don't want to tell."

"Then I guess we're done talking cameron. I'll see you at school." I reached for the end button but heard a yell.

"DYLAN WAIT PLEASE. I know you think that I'm messing with you but I'm not."

I sighed. I put him on speaker as I changed.

" i, ireallylikeyou!" I didn't hear the last part.

"What?" I was getting really nervous.

"I said, I...I like you!" I was quiet. It seemed as if hours passed but really,only seconds.

"Oh, thanks? I have to go I'll see you later cam!" I faked being happy. I could care less if he liked me. It doesn't pay for all the years of pain I went through. I checked my click and saw that it was 9:57. I yawned and turned off my lights.


I woke up to my alarm. I groaned as I reached for it. I hate Monday's. It's to Early. I go up and took a quick shower.

When I got out I went to my dresser and got black leggings and a obey shirt with a Aeropostale sweater. I grabbed my vans and did my make up. I put my hair in a messy bun and grabbed my phone. With my new appearance I looked better.

I walked into the school and went to my locker. Nash,taylor,matt,carter,and cameron stood there. I heard a gasp from them all except SHAWN and cameron. Nash stood In front if my locker so I grabbed his sweater and pushed him to the side. He was in shock. For once I wasn't scared. They aren't going to bully me any longer.

"DYLAN?" Matt yelled.

"What do you want?" I rolled my eyes.

Nash raised his hand,
"I dare you to hit me. It won't hurt cuZ you hit like you act, like a girl." I smirked and grabbed my books and was about to leave when I felt a tug. I turned around to see Carter and taylor pulling me.

"Just cuZ you changed your appearance doesn't mean I won't stop hurting you." Nash got in my face.

SMACK! I felt heat go to my cheek that he just slapped. I didn't move or flinch. I was used to it. Taylor hit me in the side and I didn't move.

"It me all you want, it won't solve anything." I glared.

Matt dragged me to the floor.

"STOP! IF ANY OF YOU TOUCH HER ILL RIP YOUR THROATS OUT!" I turned my head in awe. This was the first time he rejected nash.


Hey everyone! Sorry for the short chapter. I just anted to fill Ya in. But don't worry in around chapter 5 DYLAN gets into magcon. So..waterbugs😎


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