Chapter twenty seven: the new girl

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••DYLANS pov••

Me and Lox made our way down to the buffet and sat down. We both got three pancakes and some fruit. I was shoving a big piece of pancake into my mouth when a girl with brown hair and hazel eyes came up to us. She looked about our age and she was really pretty.

"Umm, hi there,ok I know you just want to eat and everything but I'm not just making this up but, where is Cameron's room?" She had a luggage in her hand. I looked at Lox

Should I tell her or is she really a person that knows cam.

"Um do you know cam or are you just a crazy fan. And I want the truth." I said chewing.

"Oh I know that you and Cam dated but I'm his ex girlfriend and he invited me here to spend time with him." She began to blush.

"Oh ok hold on." I felt a surge or jealousy go through me.

I picked up my phone and called cam.

"Hey cam? There's a girl with us and she says that she knows you, here name is-" I looked at the mysterious girl.

"Lindsey." She says.

"Yeah a girl named Lindsey here. She said that you invited her." I gritted my teeth.

"Oh yeah! Send her up I've been wanting you guys to meet anyways so yeah!" He said through the phone.

We hung up and I looked at lox.

"We can go now if your done." She said pointing at my food. I had Lost my appetite when this 'Lindsey' showed up.

I nodded and stood up. We led Lindsey to the room and I knocked on the door. Cam opened it and looked behind us. He shoved me out the way and ran for Lindsey. I fell on my butt.

"CAMERON WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?" I yelled feeling arms snake around my waist. I looked up and saw matt glaring at cam.

"Sorry dylan, I was just excited." He said shrugging. Who does this Lindsey chick think she is? Coming in here and taking cameron away from me? Wait... I like matt,not cameron.

Cameron turned back to Lindsey and picked her and twirling her around. She was giggling. Ugh this girl sickens me. I grabbed matts hand and dragged him to my room.

"Wanna help me prank the newbie?" I said smirking at matt. He nodded.

An hour later me and matt had a perfect plan. We were going to go to cams room and put plastic wrap on the toilet and take off the seat, then put glue on the plastic wrap so it would stay to their bottom.

We tiptoed over to Cameron's room and opened the door. I didn't see him or Lindsey so I walked to the restroom. I heard noses but ignored it. I opened the door and froze at the sight....

Cameron and Lindsey were kissing.

So my real life friend wanted to be in this chapter so I put her in and sorry if you don't like what happened. It'll get better😂. And thanks for 1.16k reads! Love YALL so much and I'm going to try to update tonight before I leave tomorrow for cali. Byeee.


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