Chapter twenty one: unloved

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••Dylan's pov••

"Ok so @cameronisbæ-" I said as I got cut off by cam.

"By the way, I love your username." He said winking at the camera.

"She asked,' are you dating anyone? ' that's a no for me right now." I said

"I'm dating Maggie" Carter says ( I know they broke up but you know.)

"I was dating DYLAN." cam says looking at me.

The rest of the boys said no.

"Next question is for taylor, @bunnywabit asked ,' why are you obsessed with bandanas?' Good question , why are you taylor?" I said turning to him.

"I don't need know, they are just cool and they match my outfits." He shrugged.

"This one is for shawn, @pinky asked ' why do you have an amazing voice?' " I began to giggle.

"I don't know I just do." He answered while winking at the camera.


We went on with questions for about 5 more questions.

"Ok last one for the night , @elannad. Asked ' dyaln, do you like any of the boys? '" I paused and looked at the camera. I was silent.

"Well do you?" Matt asked. I glared at him.

"At the moment no. They are all like brothers. Ok that's it for tonight so please give it a big like and subscribe. See Ya next week." I blew a kiss at the camera and covered the lens.

"Well that was fun. Well I'm going to bed." gilinsky said as he walked out to the door. He turned around and kissed my forehead. Then jj left and did the same. Then all at once all the boys came and planted kisses on me. Matt stayed in the room. When the boys were done I was really red. They knew what they were Doing.

I walked into the restroom to clean my face when I saw a message from a unknown Number.

( s for stranger and d for DYLAN )

S: you better stay away from the boys especially cam and matt. They are mine. It only makes since that they wouldn't like you. Your ugly, fat, and worthless. You should mill yourself. No one cares for you, and they never will. All of us would be better with out you here. So do us a favor, and just strangle yourself.

I sat my phone down and slid down the wall. Who would say something like that?! I began to cry. Maybe that person was right. Maybe everyone else would be better without me. I began to cry harder and grabbed my makeup bag. I reached in and grabbed my friend, the blade. I pulled up my sleeve and began to cut.

1 cute for being alive
2 cuts for thinking that I was worth it
And 3 cuts for just being me.

I screamed as I made all of them deep. The pain wasn't enough. They just felt like paper cuts. I needed something bigger. Blood kept rushing out of me but I didn't care. I didn't belong here.

I walked over to the mirror and pulled it open. I saw over 12 bottles of pills. I grabbed the first one I saw.

I placed a hole and full in my hand. I began to cry and shake quietly. This is it. This is when I leave the world. I just hope people realize that they never needed me.

I swallowed the pills. Everything started to go black. I felt like I was being swept off my feet.

I said my last words before I fell into the darkness ,

"I was never loved."

And with that I came in contact with the floor. I was being swallowed into the darkness known as death. It was my time.

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