Authors note

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Hey guys! Sorry I haven't updated, but I've started a new book. I know,i know. I've told you about so many books. And I remember telling you guys to go read my 'secrets to keep' and 'Luna of new moon pack' but good news! I erased those and decided to just write magcon books! Which means I only have three.

The first one if this 'bullied by magcon' , the second is 'magcon singer' and my newest book is... 'breaking promises'! This is my last time ever deleting books. I'm going to finish all the books I'm doing right now then move if to sequels if I'm going to do them.

So please go check out breaking promises please. I'm trying to do over 2,000 words for each chapter and both my two chapters are over that. It is a Matthew Espinosa fanfic because like, why not and I love Matt. So go Chaco that out.

The reason why so late on updates is because our internet a not coming on until this upcoming Friday so I'm trying to get updates ready so when ever I go some where with internet I can just update it for you guys! And thanks so much for all the reads and votes! This is amazing!! Thanks for reading and voting. I'll try to update as quickly as possible. Love you guys!


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